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Bunk Bed Compact Mini Low Height - Innovative Design!

Bunk Bed Mid Height with Built In Bookshelf
Model BNKMIDBook1

Bunk Bed with Built In Bookshelf & Optional Trundle or Drawers
Model BNKBook101

Cubby House Bunk Bed with Open Shelves

High Loft Bed with Open Shelves & Optional 2 Drawer Desk

Triple Bunk Bed - Single Over Double Bed plus Optional Trundle
Model BNKTP2

Triple Transverse Bunk Bed - Three Single Beds in One
Model BNKTP1
Photograph of Bunk Bed Compact Mini Low Height – Innovative Design!
Photograph of Bunk Bed Mid Height with built in Bookshelf
Photograph of Bunk Bed with built in Bookshelf & optional trundle or drawers
Photograph of Cubby House Bunk Bed With Open Shelves
Photogaph of High loft bed with Open shelves & Optional 2 Drawer Desk
Photograph of Triple Bunk Bed - Single over double bed + Optional trundle
Photograph of Triple Transverse bunk bed - Three single beds in one

Reasons the product is recalled

The plastic brackets holding the bunk beds together may crack or break. This may be caused by the over-tightening of the screws on the brackets or by misuse, for example, repeated jumping on or climbing over the sides of the bed.

The hazards to consumers

If the brackets crack or break, the bunk bed may collapse and could result in a fall, serious injury or even death.

What consumers should do

Consumers should immediately stop using the bunk bed and contact Fitting Furniture to receive a free of charge set of upgraded replacement metal brackets, including a new set of fixing screws and covers.
Each set will come with instructions for the replacement of the current brackets with the upgraded metal brackets.

For further information, consumers can contact Fitting Furniture on 1300 835 841 or email

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Fitting Furniture online

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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