Ford—Ford BF Series II and FG Falcon E-Gas vehicles —Brake Booster Check Valve (Refer to Recall number 2009/10855 - 5 June 2009)

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BF Series III and FG Falcon sedan, wagon and utility fitted with the E-Gas engine (factory LPG system) and built from 20 October 2008 to 4 September 2009 inclusive.
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Campaign number: S0903S1 Target number: 9072

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Campaign number: S0903S1
Target number: 9072

What are the defects?

The brake booster check valve may develop a vacuum leak.

What are the hazards?

Under certain conditions, the vacuum supply from the LPG engine to the brake booster may develop a vacuum leak at the check valve. This could result in reduced power assistance to the vehicle's service brakes.

What should consumers do?

Ford will write to owners of all affected vehicles at their last known address. For further information, contact any authorised Ford Dealer or Ford's Customer Relationship Centre on 1800 503 672.


Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited

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Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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