GP & GF Hill Pty Ltd — No3 & No5 Standard Cone Drive Wheels

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Craft machinery used by commercial potters, schools, TAFEs and hobbyists.
No 3 and 5 Potters wheel

Reasons the product is recalled

No3 wheel and No5 (speed lock) wheel may fail due to breakage of conductors inside the supply cord’s inner and outer insulation due to flexing around the points of fixation. Rubbing against the spring also causes outer insulation to erode.

Only No3 and No5 (which is a No3 but with the optional speed lock lever fitted) cone-drive wheels with the Black RCG motor are affected, where the electrical cord exits the motor on the same side of the spring.

Wheels that might be affected were supplied between May 2015 and July 2018. Older wheels that had a replacement Black RCG motor fitted between those dates may also be affected if the cord exits the motor on the spring side.

The hazards to consumers

If an active wire contacts either spring metal or motor metal and the earth wire is broken then the pottery wheel frame would be permanently live, creating a risk of electrocution.

What consumers should do

Sales agents will contact consumers with details of the defect. Owners should also contact a sales agent in their area if they suspect they have purchased an affected wheel.

If you have an affected product, stop using it until a licensed electrical contractor has completed repair work.

Please refer to the Venco website for a list of agents in your state at

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.