Honda Motorcycles and Power Equipment — Honda Marine BF Outboard Engine

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Honda four stroke petrol powered outboard engine.

BF115DK1, BF135AK2, BF150AK2, BF175AK3, BF200AK3, BF225AK3 and BF250A outboard motors within an affected serial number range.
Honda BF115 outboard engine
Honda BF250 outboard engine
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BBHJ-*******, BARJ-*******, BASJ-*******, BANJ-*******, BAPJ-*******, BAJJ-*******, BAEJ-*******, BAFJ-*******, BAGJ-*******, BAHJ-*******, BBJJ-*******

Reasons the product is recalled

Due to a manufacturing defect with the vapour separator internal float assembly, affected outboard motors may experience fuel loss from the vapour separator air vent tube.

The hazards to consumers

This may result in fuel leakage from the outboard motor into the water, posing a possible fire hazard.

What consumers should do

A letter will be sent to affected owners advising them to contact their nearest authorised Honda Marine dealer to arrange for a replacement vapour separator to be fitted.

For further information consumers can contact the Customer Relations Department on 03 9270 1348 or 1300 559 846 or by emailing

Alternatively, consumers can visit the website

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Authorised Honda marine dealers

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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