ITW Polymers and Fluids—Galmet DuraGal Silver Paint

PRA number


Published date

Product description

350 gm aerosol.
Identifying features
Batch Number S5029154

Other identifying numbers

Batch Number S5029154

Reasons the product is recalled

There is a possibility that the product may have a defect in construction at the top of the can and the product could rupture at the junction of the valve and can top.

The hazards to consumers

Personal injury from either the valve and actuator system or from the contents of the can.

What consumers should do

The affected batch first went on sale on 25 January 2005. The batch number can be found on the top of the can after removing the cap. Face the can away from you, and in a safe direction while checking the batch number. Return any unused or partially us.


ITW Polymers and Fluids

Where the product was sold


Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.