K Care Healthcare Solutions Pty Ltd t/as Independent Healthcare Solutions — Karma Flexx Wheelchairs Model Numbers KM-8022/KM-8522 and KM8022TL/KM-8522TL

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Karma Flexx Wheelchairs

Product Name: Karma Flexx
Model Number: KM-8022/KM-8522

Product Name: Karma Flexx Tall
Model Number: KM8022TL/KM-8522TL

ARTG 182294
(Independent Healthcare Solutions - Wheelchair, attendant/occupant driven)

Photograph of Karma Flexx Wheelchair

Reasons the product is recalled

The Karma Flexx Wheelchair may have been supplied without the required carabiner symbol to indicate the location for in-vehicle mounting. These labels are required under the standard ISO7176-19 and AS/NZS 3695.1:2011.

The user manual for the KM-8022 TL was misleading in that it states the KM-8022 TL has not been crash tested, when in fact it is deemed to be compliant by virtue of being substantially equivalent to the KM-8022.

The hazards to consumers

If a user places the mounting straps in the incorrect location, the chair may not act as designed in the event of an accident, increasing the risk of a serious injury.

What consumers should do

Independent Healthcare Solutions will contact affected consumers in writing to arrange to provide a repair kit that will include a new user manual, stickers and instructions.

Consumers should take the following actions:
1. Inspect the wheelchair and determine if the correct stickers are present or not.
2. If the stickers are absent, attach the stickers following the instructions that have been provided.
3. Discard the old user instruction manual and replace it with the new user instruction manual.
4. Complete the Reply-paid postcard and return it to Independent Healthcare Solutions within 7 days.

For further information, contact Independent Healthcare Solutions on 1300 783 783.

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Healthcare equipment retailers and rehabilitation services

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Responsible regulator

Therapeutic Goods Administration is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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