KTM Australia—KTM Motorcycles 250 SXF Factory Edition 2016 & 250 SXF 2016 models

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250 SXF Factory Edition 2016
250 SXF 2016
Identifying features
VBKSXK430GM151118 VBKSXK430GM151135 VBKSXK430GM151166 VBKSXK436GM151141 VBKSXK434GM151140 VBKSXK438GM151108 VBKSXK438GM151111 VBKSXK43XGM151112 VBKSXK432GM151105 VBKSXK432GM151122 VBKSXK433GM151114 VBKSXK433GM151128 VBKSXK431GM151127 VBKSXK431GM152374 VBKSXK430GM152625 VBKSXK434GM152613 VBKSXK439GM152624 VBKSXK43XGM152583 VBKSXK43XGM152650 VBKSXK433GM152649 VBKSXK434GM152627 VBKSXK434GM152630 VBKSXK438GM152596 VBKSXK438GM152601 VBKSXK436GM152631 VBKSXK431GM152651 VBKSXK435GM152605 VBKSXK435GM152622 VBKSXK432GM152707 VBKSXK439GM152705 VBKSXK436GM152659 VBKSXK433GM152666 VBKSXK434GM152658 VBKSXK434GM152661 VBKSXK430GM152656 VBKSXK439GM152655 VBKSXK435GM152667 VBKSXK431GM152665 VBKSXK437GM152623 VBKSXK433GM152621 VBKSXK432GM152609 VBKSXK43XGM152616 VBKSXK431GM152617 VBKSXK438GM152629 VBKSXK437GM152606 VBKSXK439GM152638 VBKSXK431GM152620 VBKSXK439GM152669 VBKSXK438GM152615 VBKSXK43XGM152664 VBKSXK434GM152482 VBKSXK439GM152607 VBKSXK435GM152653 VBKSXK432GM152626 VBKSXK439GM152560 VBKSXK433GM152618 VBKSXK436GM152614 VBKSXK437GM152637 VBKSXK436GM152628 VBKSXK430GM152611 VBKSXK437GM152668 VBKSXK438GM152632 VBKSXK43XGM152633 VBKSXK435GM152636 VBKSXK433GM152652

Other identifying numbers

Migrated data too large, see un-migrated data field.

Reasons the product is recalled

Quality deviations in the production process of the connecting rod may result in early failure and fracturing of the conrod under certain load conditions.

This issue is identified to a specific vin range of 250 SXF Factory Edition vehicles in Australia.

The hazards to consumers

If the connecting rod fails, engine damage could result, which may lead to an accident.

What consumers should do

The vehicle should not be operated or ridden until corrected by an authorised KTM dealer.
Please contact a KTM dealer to arrange a booking.
Customers will be sent a recall notification letter specific to the information and the urgent requirement to have our dealer correct the issue free of charge.

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Responsible regulator

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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