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Kubota Generators - Models:
• DA5500E, DW160E
• GL6000, GL9000
• J108, J112, J130
• KJ-T130DX, KJ-T80VX, KJ-T230FX
• RKA150E

photograph of Kubota generator - model 5500E
photograph of Kubota generator - KJ series
photograph of Kubota generator - GL series
photograph of Kubota generator - model RKA150E
photograph of Kubota generator - model  J108

What are the defects?

The generators are not fitted with overcurrent protection that acts in all live conductors and all socket outlets do not have individual switching of all live conductors.

What are the hazards?

Risk of electric shock causing serious injury or death.

What should consumers do?

Stop using the generator.
Contact the authorised Kubota dealer where you purchased your equipment to arrange for inspection and maintenance.

For more information contact Kubota on 1300 582 582.

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Authorised Kubota Dealers throughout Australia

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Energy Safe (VIC) is the responsible regulator for this recall.