Manassen Foods Australia Pty Ltd—Atkins Advantage Chocolate Decadence Bar

PRA number


Published date

Product description

60g bar in foil wrapper. Batch codes: L4265/S Best before 23/10/2005; and L4296/S Best before 23/11/2005.

Reasons the product is recalled

The recall is in response to an incorrect ingredients label on the packaging, whereby the bars themselves contain Peanuts and may therefore present a health risk to consumers who suffer from allergic reactions to peanuts. Label states Chocolate Decadence Bar where product is Peanut Bar. The recall applies only to the product with the nominated size and best before dates and to persons who are allergic to peanuts.

What consumers should do

Customers who are allergic to peanuts should not consume this product. Any customers concerned about their health should contact their doctor. Customers are asked to return the product to the point of purchase for a full cash refund.


Manassen Foods Australia Pty Ltd

Where the product was sold


Coordinating agency

Food Standards Australia New Zealand is the coordinating agency for this recall.

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