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Item No. 390543. Sesame Street Shape Sorter. 883993. Dora the Explorer Advetures with Dora. 900573. Sesame Street Mini Music Instruments. 902673. Sesame St Ernie's Splashin Fun Bath Toy. 931993. Sesame St Press & Go Racers Asst. 934913. Sesame St Mini Instruments Asst. 936153. Sesame St Splashin' Fun Tub Puzzle. 937803. Sesame St Musical Lights Phone. B69663. Barney Best Manners Phone. B78883. Sesame St Shake, Giggle & Roll. B80653. Dora the Explorer Say It Two Ways Mini. B96173. Dora the Explorer House Figures Asst. B96203. Dora the Explorer's Talking House. C12113. Sesame Street Giggles Gabbers Asst. G38253. Dora the Explorer Talking Vamanos Van. G38303. Dora the Explorer Collectible Mini Adventure. G51153. Sesame Street Giggle Guitar. G57523. Dora the Explorer Add-on Rooms Accessory Asst. G97173. Sesame Street Giggle Doodler. H46283. Sesame Street Net Bag of Water Toys. H83673. Dora the Explorer Deluxe Dollshouse Bundle. J45173. Sesame Street Giggle Cell Phone. J65373. Sesame Street Giggle Toolbelt. J96923. Dora the Explorer's Pony Place. All affected toys are marked Fisher-Price and have a date code between 109-7LF and 187-7LF marked on the product. The above toys were manufactured between 19 April 2007 and 6 July 2007 and sold in Australia from 1 May 2007 through to 2 August 2007. A green army vehicle known as "Sarge" from the "CARS" die-cast vehicle assortment line, manufactured between March and July 2007. Sarge Cars or Assortments containing Sarge Cars have the following model numbers on the package: H6414, M1253 or L6294. The recalled car is marked on the bottom with '7EA'.
Identifying features
The affected products are marked "China".

Other identifying numbers

The affected products are marked "China".

What are the defects?

Surface paints on the toys may contain increased levels of lead.

What are the hazards?

Lead poisoning

What should consumers do?

Consumers should immediately take any affected toys away from children and contact Mattel Pty Ltd on toll-free 1800 674 753 between Monday to Friday 8am until 5pm (Australian EST) or visit to determine if product is affected and to arrange for the return of affected toys. Do not return recalled product to retail stores. Consumers will receive cash refunds to the value of the returned product.


Mattel Pty Ltd

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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