Metal Manufacturers t/as Repelec Aust — ARMM800 Trolley Jack

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2000 Kg Trolley Jack - each Jack has a serial number indicating production batch number.
230 affected Jacks.
ARMM800 Trolley Jack
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What are the defects?

On certain Jacks, the supplied label does not comply with the mandatory standard ‘Consumer Goods (Trolley Jacks) Safety Standard 2017’. The jack label is missing some of the required information.

What are the hazards?

If the jack is mislabelled, and does not have correct safety information, the occupant may misuse the Jack in a way it was not designed for. Misuse may cause jack instability or failure. If a consumer misuses the Jack, this may lead to severe injury or death.

What should consumers do?

Repelec Aust will contact all affected distributors. Distributors will contact all affected customers and should also check current floor stock to ensure the correct label is on the products.

For further information, consumers can call customer service on 1800 555 586 (toll free).


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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.