Portela Group Pty Ltd t/a Factory Fast—Salvatore Angelotti Iron Bunk Bed

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Bunk bed with upper bunk and work station underneath - desk, chair and filing area
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Reasons the product is recalled

Product does not meet the mandatory safety standard.
1. There is a gap in the mesh panel behind the desk that is greater than 95mm but smaller than 230mm.
2. There are gaps on the right and left side frames that are greater than 400mm but which have a reducing configuration that prevents the removal of a 230mm diameter probe.
3. Products do not have a sticker stating the country of origin of the product or the Australian distributor's name and address.
4. Some models have the sticker stating the maximum height of the upper mattress in the wrong place.

The hazards to consumers

Possible entrapment in the frame of the desk unit.

What consumers should do

All consumers who purchased the product will be individually contacted and offered a full refund, repair kit, or a replacement product that complies with the mandatory standard.

For further information please call 02 8405 7985.

Traders who sold this product

Factory Fast

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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