Printful Inc — Customised Liquid Glitter Phone Cases

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Product description

Customised plastic phone cases with a quicksand heart glitter filling

Made for iPhone 7/8, SE, X/XS, XR and XS Max

Available in gold, pink, and silver
Photograph of Liquid Glitter Phone Cases

Reasons the product is recalled

If the plastic phone case is cracked or broken, the fluid contained in the case may leak out.

The hazards to consumers

Prolonged contact with the fluid from the phone case may cause skin irritation (redness, soreness and rashes) or chemical burns. If the fluid or glitter is swallowed or enters the airways, it can cause serious injury or death.

What consumers should do

Dispose of the phone case safely and contact the place of purchase to organise for a full refund.

If the phone case fluid gets onto your skin, wash with warm soapy water. If you swallow the fluid, or experience skin irritation or burns, immediately seek medical attention.

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Various online retailers

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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