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Two post vehicle hoist, in floor and gantry models
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Hoist without vehicle
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Model No. DTP607F, DTP609F and DTP609G with 415v or 240v motors

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Model No. DTP607F, DTP609F and DTP609G with 415v or 240v motors

Why the product is recalled

The vehicle hoist does not comply with certain electrical and mechanical requirements under the mandatory Australian Standard for vehicle hoists.

The following issues have been identified:


1. 240V MOTOR MODELS: The limit switch wiring in some vehicle hoists manufactured and supplied between January 2009 and November 2011 contain two core wire cable. It is possible that, where an electrical short circuit occurs in this type of hoist, the two core wire may not provide adequate earthing. In addition, the plug and cable earth wire may have been cut during installation or not properly connected to the terminal inside the 240 volt motors.

NOTE: This is the case for vehicle hoists with 240 volt motors only. All hoists supplied with 415 volt motors required wiring to be carried out by a licensed electrician on installation. As of November 2011, all 240 volt motor vehicle hoists have been supplied without the plug and cable wiring. All 240 volt motor vehicle hoists have since required a licensed electrician to properly wire the hoist prior to use.

2. ALL MODELS: The installation and operating manuals for the vehicle hoists may not adequately illustrate the required electrical wiring diagrams.


3. ALL MODELS: There is a possibility that, if damage occurs to the hydraulic hose or if the hydraulic hose bursts, the hydraulic arms may be able to lower at a speed above the maximum set by the Australian Standard. In addition, the calculated stress loads measured in the vehicle hoist arms may exceed the maximum stress allowable under the Australian Standard.

What the hazards are to consumers

If the hazards occur the products may pose a danger of electrocution or a crush hazard to end-users.

What consumers should do

In the first instance, consumers should stop using their vehicle hoist and contact Radum.

Radum will arrange for a Radum-appointed technician to attend on-site at affected customers' premises to inspect the vehicle hoist for electrical safety (Hazards 1 and 2) and to install anti-burst valves on the hydraulic rams (Hazard 4). Radum will also supply new installation and operating manuals (Hazard 3).

Radum will then de-rate the customers' vehicles hoist so as to allow safe continued mechanical use of the vehicle hoist for an interim period of time.

Radum is currently sourcing replacement mechanical components. Once the replacement mechanical components become available, they will be sent to the customer for installation. The customer should return the old parts to Radum for destruction.

Contact details:
Andrew Murphy
Radum Pty Ltd
ph: 1800 734 179
Email: upgrades@radum.com.au
Web: www.radum.com.au

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Radum Pty Ltd

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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