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Marine Bio Complex - Aust L/R 71774 - Batch Nos. 77293, 79816, 80999, 80997, 80998, 83084, 83085, 83086, 84866, 84864, 84865. Liver Tone Tablets - Aust L/R 76950 - Batch Nos. 77279, 79243, 80775, 82171, 84475. Marine Xtra Complex - Aust L/R 91199 - Batch Nos. 81272 and 82329
(Ref. SR29616)
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Due to serious concerns that as the quality of these medicines cannot be confirmed, neither can the safety or effectiveness of these medicines be assured.

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Adverse Reaction.

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If you have any of these products you should stop using them and safely dispose of any unused portions by returning them to a pharmacy. Anyone who is concerned in any way about the use of these medicines or availability of alternative products should contact their supplier.


Southrom Pty Ltd

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Therapeutic Goods Administration is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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