SRAM LLC—SRAM RED 22 or SRAM SB 700 Hydraulic Bicycle Brakes

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SRAM RED 22 or SRAM SB 700 hydraulic road disc brake or hydraulic road rim brake
red disc caliper
s700 rim caliper
SRAM RED 22 Hydro SL - Left
Identifying features
Affected serial number range: 20T3XXXXXXX to 50T3XXXXXXX

Other identifying numbers

Affected serial number range: 20T3XXXXXXX to 50T3XXXXXXX

Reasons the product is recalled

The master piston seal is unable to prevent the ingestion of air into the system under certain field conditions, which reduces the ability of the system to generate braking pressure, and can lead to brake failure. In addition, a smaller number of the units were determined to have been manufactured with a significant void inside the molded hood component of the brake lever. When squeezing the brake lever with very high force, the fluid bursts the thin barrier between the fluid reservoir and the void. This essentially expands the fluid reservoir volume, resulting in an immediate loss in braking power.

The hazards to consumers

The risk of injury is that the rider may experience complete loss of braking function. Loss of braking performance, in the worst case scenario, may lead to loss of control and an accident.

What consumers should do

If your bike has SRAM SB RED 22 or SRAM SB 700 hydraulic brakes, cease using it immediately until you confirm whether your brake set is affected by the recall. If you are unsure whether you have an affected brake set, contact your local dealer or call SRAM. Your local dealer will exchange affected brakes for new brakes.

For further information please call (03) 9212 6100 or email


Traders who sold this product

Bicycle stores and internet stores

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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