Starkey Hearing Technologies — Surflink Media and Surflink Media 2 (models 200 & 210)

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Surflink Media and Surflink Media 2 are devices that wirelessly stream stereo sound from electronic devices, such as televisions, radios or MP3 players to compatible hearing aids.

ARTG Number: 293416

Reasons the product is recalled

Recall for product correction (firmware update)

These devices may be operating outside their permissible frequency band (915-928 MHz) and may cause interference with mobile towers (operating in the 902-915 MHz frequency band). This potential interference does not cause any interruption to the Surflink Media and Surflink Media 2 devices and the will continue to function correctly.

What consumers should do

Users are being asked to temporarily return their devices to Starkey Hearing Technologies so they can undertake a firmware update to correct this issue. Updated devices will only operate within the permissible 915-928 MHz frequency band.

If you or someone you care for uses a Surflink Media or Surflink Media 2 device, you should receive further information about this issue from Starkey Hearing Technologies, as well as a form to fill in and a prepaid bag to return the device. Alternatively, you can choose to return the device to the audiology clinic where you purchased it.

Once the firmware has been updated, the device will be returned to you or the audiology clinic where you purchased it, so that it can be returned to you.

For further information, talk to your audiology clinic or contact Starkey Hearing Technologies on 1800 024 985.

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Therapeutic Goods Administration is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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