Target Australia Pty Ltd — Modern Gourmet Spicy Beer Nuts 450g

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Spicy seasoned nuts 450g

Best Before 03 Jun 2019
Keycode: 59394600
beer nuts in glass bottles, pack of 3 photo

What are the defects?

The recall is due to the potential presence of glass fragments.

What are the hazards?

Food products containing glass fragments may cause injury if consumed.

What should consumers do?

Do not consume this product. We recommend that you immediately return this product to a Target or Target Country store as soon as possible, where our team members will provide you with a full refund. A receipt is not required to obtain a refund.

Contact: If you require further information, please contact our Customer Support Centre on 1300 753 567 or visit

Traders who sold this product

Target Australia Stores including Target Country nationally.

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Coordinating agency

Food Standards Australia New Zealand is the coordinating agency for this recall.

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