The Décor Corporation Pty Ltd—Thermoglass Cookware: Square 2L, 1L and 540mL (RE-ANNOUNCED)

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Oven and microwave-safe tempered glass cookware products of various sizes.

This recall was re-announced on 31 August 2011 as it was initially thought that there were only 13 affected units sold at one location. It has since been discovered that a much larger number of these products were sold through Coles stores nationally.
Thermoglass Cookware
Identifying features
Square 2L (item no 164200) Square 1L (item no 164300) Square 540mL (item no 164400)

Other identifying numbers

Square 2L (item no 164200)
Square 1L (item no 164300)
Square 540mL (item no 164400)

Why the product is recalled

Some of the products may not meet Décor's temperature differential specification, which may mean that some of the glassware is more prone to break or shatter under normal use.

What the hazards are to consumers

If breakage occurs, there may be a risk of property damage or injury from flying glass pieces/particles.

What consumers should do

Stop using the product immediately and contact Décor on ph (03) 9759 2222 to return it to Décor for a full refund or replacement product (when available).

Traders who sold this product

Coles stores nationally.

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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