Toyota—Land Cruiser and Lexus—Front Disc Brake Rotor Retaining Bolt

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Land Cruiser 7#. Model Code FZJ78, FZJ79, HZJ78, HZJ79, HDJ78, HDJ79. Land Cruiser 10#. Model Code FZJ105, HZJ105, UZJ100, HDJ100. Lexus LX470. Model Code UZJ100. Production period 30 September 1997 through 5 December 2005.
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WMI. JTE. VDS. RJ71J#. VIS. 00001001-00001299. VDS. LJ71J#. 00001005-00008880. VDS. RB71J#. 00001010-00031422. 20009928-20010133. VDS. RB73J#. 09000000-09000256. VDS. LB71J#. 07000005-07053919. VDS. RC71J#. 00001001-00001827. VDS. RC73J#. 06000001-06000713. VDS. LC71J#. 00001001-00012065. VDS. LC73J#. 06000001-06003292. Land Cruiser 10#. WMI. JT7. VDS. 11UJA5. VIS. 09000002-09019553. WMI. JTE. VDS. CJ09J#. VIS. 05500000-05508187. WMI. JT7. VDS. 11PJA5. VIS. 07000002-07019393. WMI. JTE. VDS. CB01J#. VIS. 01000005-01025709. VDS. CB09J#. VIS. 03000006-03026367. WMI. JT7. VDS. 11WJA0. VIS. 06000001-06001158. WMI. JTE. VDS. HT05J#. VIS. 02024901-02091421. VDS. HT09J#. VIS. 05500001-05512222. VDS. HC09J#. VIS. 07000000-07018378. Lexus LX470. WMI. JTJ. VDS. HT00W. 07000002-07001221. 04000001-04012179.

What are the defects?

When vehicle is operated under severe conditions with repetitive high "G" brake application forward and backward, excessive forces applied to the brake rotor may loosen the front bake rotor bolt/s. If vehicle operation continues in this condition, one or more bolts may loosen further (unwind) and eventually rattle.

What are the hazards?

Vehicle malfunction

What should consumers do?

All owners of affected vehicles will be contacted individually by letter.


Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited

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Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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