Tyco Australia Group Pty Ltd t/as ADT Security — Smartlink ADT IndiPendant Guardian MKII 4G

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Smartlink ADT IndiPendant Guardian MKII 4G

A personal alarm system that assists independent living. In the event of an emergency, a button on the unit, pendant or wristband can be pressed that sends an alarm signal to a Monitoring Centre where an Emergency Response Specialist is alerted.

Photograph of ADT IndiPendant Guardian MKII 4G

Reasons the product is recalled

The device may stop communicating with Telstra mobile data.

If this occurs, the device will not be able to send a signal to alert the Monitoring Centre if the alarm is activated.

The hazards to consumers

If the device is offline when the alarm is activated and fails to alert the Monitoring Centre that assistance is required, there may be an increased risk of injury, health complications or death.

What consumers should do

ADT Security will contact affected consumers to arrange to install a firmware update to the affected devices.

For further information, please contact ADT Security by phone on 131 238 or via the website at https://www.adtsecurity.com.au/contact/

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ADT Security Australia

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.