Tyco Australia Pty Ltd trading as Wormald—Self contained breathing apparatus cylinders and valves

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Cylinder 6.8 litre 300 bar carbon fibre with LSV232 valve; Cylinder 9 litre 30 bar carbon fibre with LSV 232 valve; Cylinder 4.7 litre 300 bar carbon fibre with LS232 valve; Cylinder valve M18 300 bar plastic hand wheel; right angle cylinder valve 300 bar M18; In-line cylinder valve 300 bar M18.
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Identifying features
Part Numbers: FWC1860.1; FWC2460.1; FCW1300.1; LSV232; 70LSV213; 70LSV221.

Other identifying numbers

Part Numbers: FWC1860.1; FWC2460.1; FCW1300.1; LSV232; 70LSV213; 70LSV221.

Reasons the product is recalled

The cylinder safety device (Burst Disc) may rupture and release the cylinder's contents.

The hazards to consumers

The hazard is that a breathing apparatus fitted with the defective safety device will not function due to loss of pressure in the cylinder.

What consumers should do

Promptly return the product to their supplier for replacement of the cylinder safety device (Burst disc) as appropriate.

Traders who sold this product

CGL Fire Technologies, Dantere Safety, Draeger Safety, Ecotorpia, Fire & Safety Solutions, Fire and Safety WA, Fire Rescue Safety Australia, Fire Systems Qld, First Breath Industries, Life & Rescue, Life and Rescue, Makeeva,
Pure Breathing Air Services, RAN MS, Rescue Equipment Servicing & Training, Safe Option Solutions, Safetec Enterprises, Safety Access Training, Safety Air,
Scott Health & Safety, Total Fire Safety, Totally Workwear, Townsville Skin Diving, Zokal Safety

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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