ValuLine Antennas—Moulded Plastic Radomes

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6-foot ABS radome on 7GHz ValuLine Antennas shipped from Scotland from April 1999 through January 2002. Model Numbers VHP6 and VHPX6. A radome is a cover over the front of the antenna, which protects the feed inside the antenna, improves performance.

Reasons the product is recalled

The moulded radomes may contain a defect which can result in premature failure. If a radome fails, it may fall off the structure and the side shields may deform. The loss of the radome will increase the wind loading on the antenna.

The hazards to consumers

Component failure

What consumers should do

For further information or to arrange a replacement radome please contact Andrew Australia toll free 1800 803 219.


Andrew Australia

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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