Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd — Yamaha Model EF2000iS 2018-2019 Portable Generators

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Yamaha Model EF2000iS 2018-2019 Portable Generators
Used for recreational activities such as camping, fishing and boating
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Reasons the product is recalled

The moulded area of the fuel tank to which the fuel valve is mounted, was moulded at the incorrect temperature.

The hazards to consumers

The tank material can be too brittle allowing the tank to crack. If the fuel tank cracks, fuel could leak, increasing the risk of fire, which could result in severe injury or death.

What consumers should do

The Yamaha dealer will replace the fuel tank with one that has been correctly moulded.
Yamaha recommends that consumers do not operate their affected generator until this modification is performed.

For details of your local Yamaha dealer, visit https://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/find-a-dealer or call 1300 593 600.

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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