Tiffany & Co — Wheat Leaf Crystal Glass Mug...Recall 2017/16506 7 Mar 2018 Wheat Leaf Crystal Glass Mug (approximately 325mL or 11 fl oz) Mug may crack and break when used with or exposed to hot liquids. If the mug breaks during use, it can create a risk of burns and/or laceration injury to the user. C
07 Mar 2018
Yale Prima Pty Ltd — Click TV Wall Bracket...Recall 2018/16628 26 Feb 2018 Click TV wall mounting bracket - Model No. CLED1340 (OLN7239). Two metal disks are attached to the wall, the black plastic pieces are attached to the TV, then the TV is hung on the disks via the wire. Sticker with white logo 'CL
26 Feb 2018
Johnson Health Tech — Matrix TF30 Treadmill...Recall 2019/17691 18 Jul 2019 Electric treadmill Matrix TF30 MTM0609-11 The treadmill does not comply with the mandatory standard 'Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) (Treadmills) Regulations 2009'. The treadmill does not have the required wa
18 Jul 2019
Woolworths Group Limited — Inspire Xmas Glass Votive Candle...Recall 2019/17675 17 Jul 2019 Decorative Glass Votive Candle with Christmas Berries 629299 The wreath surrounding the candle holder could catch fire and remain alight longer than permitted by the permanent ban 'Consumer Protection Notice No.
17 Jul 2019
BIG W — BIG W Decorative Christmas Candle Holder...Recall 2019/17674 17 Jul 2019 Christmas Candle Holders 2016 season Article numbers 484844, 484848 and 484846. The Article number can be found at the back of the box. Article number 484844, 484848, 484846 The decorations surrounding the candle holder co
17 Jul 2019
Fantastic Furniture Pty Limited — Tara and Toto Dining Chairs...Recall 2019/17656 1 Aug 2019 Tara Dining Chair (Grey) and Toto Dining Chair (White) Sold at Fantastic Furniture stores and online between the following dates: Tara Chair - June 2018 to May 2019 Toto Chair - December 2015 to May 2019 Refer
01 Aug 2019
Dielle Electrical Distributors Pty Ltd — Dielle Residual Current Device Model YK78...Recall 2019/17522 11 Jun 2019 Dielle Residual Current Device Brand Dielle Model YK78 Approval mark N.21905 6 A, 10 A, 16 A, 20 A, 25 A and 32A. Supplied from 2006 onwards Approval mark N.21905 The product may not compl
11 Jun 2019
WA: Ethanol burner ban reminder following serious incident in Perth...News 2 May 2019 A decorative alcohol-fuelled (ethanol) burner exploded in a suburban backyard in Perth’s southern suburbs at the weekend, prompting a reminder to consumers that certain table-top models have been banned. The explosion
02 May 2019
Scandia Group Pty Ltd — Scandia 'Verdant LE' Pellet Heater...Recall 2019/18014 11 Mar 2020 A pellet fire heater for domestic space heating. The Model Number and Serial Number are located on Compliance Plate on the back the pellet fire. The Item Number is located on product carton. Affected products hav
11 Mar 2020
Triumph International Pty Ltd — Zac Dining Suite...Recall 2019/17987 3 Dec 2019 Zac Dining Suite - glass table with chrome legs and 4 PU dining chairs A faulty batch of glue may result in the glass table top not being correctly secured to the legs of the table. The glass table top may detach from the l
03 Dec 2019