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23 Dec 2015
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23 Dec 2015
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04 May 2016
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29 Jul 2016
NSW: Mandatory recall: Infinity brand electrical cable...News 9 Oct 2013 NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe has announced mandatory recall and prohibition notices for all Infinity branded TPS and “orange round” electrical cable. The insulated electrical cables are commonly used for household elect
09 Oct 2013
Gas masks with asbestos breathing devices...Ban Gas masks that contain asbestos are banned from supply in Australia....About the ban...This ban applies to gas masks for use and to collectable gas masks. It is illegal for businesses to sell gas masks containing asbestos, even if they advertise them as collect
23 Feb 2017
Gas masks containing asbestos...Page Gas masks with asbestos breathing devices are banned from sale in Australia....About gas masks containing asbestos...Gas masks with asbestos breathing devices usually consist of a full-face shield, a hose and a detachable metal canister containing an asbestos filter....About
29 Jul 2016
Portable aerosol fire extinguishers...Page People can suffer serious burns if an aerosol fire extinguisher fails. Make sure you're using an extinguisher that meets the mandatory safety standard....About aerosol fire extinguishers...Portable aerosol fire extinguishers are usually hand-held, red in colour and 
29 Jul 2016
Portable non-aerosol fire extinguishers...Page Portable non-aerosol fire extinguishers may fail to operate correctly during a fire if they are incorrectly labelled. Make sure you're using an extinguisher that meets the mandatory safety standard....About non-aerosol fire extinguishers...Non-aerosol fire extin
29 Jul 2016
ACCC announces recalls of unsafe ladders...News 21 Dec 2012 The ACCC has negotiated recalls with two suppliers of multipurpose ladders in Australia after testing found the ladders failed to perform as they claimed. “These ladders had clear claims that they met an Australian Standard. Testing commission
21 Dec 2012
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