Teenee Tot — Dummy Chain (Recall Updated)...Recall 2018/16611 7 Mar 2018 Recall updated - this business has ceased trading. Consumers can still contact the supplier by emailing . Dummy chains made with silicone beads, nylon cords and beech wood clasps The product does not comply with
07 Mar 2018
Danish by Design — Done by Deer Melamine Contour Plate...Recall 2019/17626 18 Jul 2019 Done by Deer Melamine Contour Plate - Powder Colour Product Code 10507 Batch Number 104520417 SKU 10507 Batch Number 104520417 Migration of melamine has been found to be too high in one batch of the product. Melamine
18 Jul 2019
Safety review of baby bouncers, rockers and inclined sleep products...News 12 Jul 2019 The ACCC will today begin a safety review of products designed for infants such as bouncers, rockers and inclined sleep products. The market review will be on inclined baby products used for sleeping, where the baby’
12 Jul 2019
HB Commerce Pty Ltd — 2-in-1 Baby Stroller / Pram Aluminium Red and Black...Recall 2019/17507 29 May 2019 2-in-1 baby stroller and a pram in one with an aluminium frame. Aluminium red and black Stroller has a reversible seat and can be transformed into a pram and has a folding canopy. Suitable for chil
29 May 2019
Tikk Tokk Pty Ltd — Wooden Playpen...Recall 2019/17527 2 May 2019 Wooden playpen with plastic moulded corners Batch number TI470CF-BB on packaging Due to a manufacturing fault in one batch, the spring ball inside the playpen that locks the moulded plastic corners into place may become loose. If the spr
02 May 2019
Baby walkers injure more than 100 children annually...News 25 Nov 2019 Over 100 children visit emergency rooms each year from incidents involving baby walkers, and the ACCC is urging parents and carers to be aware of the potential hazards if they are not used safely. “Children can suffer serious head o
25 Nov 2019
Peach and Pumpkins — Mambo Waterproof Newborn Neck Ring (0-1 Year)...Recall 2019/17911 29 Nov 2019 Mambo Waterproof neckfloat for babies Age 0-1 Year The product does not comply with marking requirements of the mandatory standard 'Consumer Goods (Swimming and Flotation Aids) Safety Standard 2017', as t
29 Nov 2019 seller Costway — Costway 6-in-1 Baby Toddler Stroller Tricycle...Recall 2019/17952 23 Dec 2019 Costway 6-in-1 Baby Toddler Stroller Tricycle These products have some of the features of a stroller, but are unsafe for use as a stroller as they do not have a parking brake, tether strap, or re
23 Dec 2019
Tobil & Co Pty Ltd — iCandy Peach 2018 Pram...Recall 2020/18100 14 Jan 2020 iCandy Peach 2018 Pram - Belgua, Indigo, Dove Grey, Twilight and Cerium The pram bumper bar may be missing a plastic cap in the hinge, exposing a small hole when the bumper is hinged back. If the cap is missing and the bumper b
14 Jan 2020
Jura Toys France — Janod Baby Pop Pacifier Holder...Recall 2019/17435 001 12 Apr 2019 Janod Baby Pop Pacifier Holder, with clip 04607 and 04608 In some instances the beads can be released during play. If the defect occurs while in use, the beads could pose a choking hazard. Consumers should immediately
12 Apr 2019