Costco Wholesale Australia — Bendable Snowman Trio...Recall 2019/17969 26 Nov 2019 Holiday/seasonal home decor composed of 3 plush, bendable snowman with a wooden base Item number 1900348 Excessive bending of the item parts may cause the wire support to break. The wire may pierce the protective cloth/c
26 Nov 2019
Kmart Australia Ltd — Flashing Rings 4 Pack...Recall 2019/17912 30 Oct 2019 Flashing Rings 4 pack Assorted colours novelty ring APN number 9341102555168 The button batteries may not be adequately secured and the button batteries in the product may be easily accessible if the internal flashing module is
30 Oct 2019
Vic: Safety inspectors give showbags the thumbs up...News 6 Sep 2018 Product safety experts have examined 341 showbags set for the Royal Melbourne Show and removed dangerous items to ensure there are no nasty surprises for show-goers. Minister for Consumer Affairs Marlene Kairouz was joined by students
06 Sep 2018
Sushi Train (Australia) Pty Ltd — LED Flat Round Torch Keychain distributed as a reward at Sushi Train Stores...Recall 2019/17799 19 Sep 2019 Plastic LED flat round torch key ring 4cm diameter Contains 3 alkaline button batteries Product distributed as a reward at Sushi Train stores between March 2019
19 Sep 2019
Woolworths Limited — Halloween Flashing Tumbler and Goblet...Recall 2016/15707 28 Oct 2016 LED flashing tumbler - green and orange LED flashing goblet - clear Article number: 478663 and 478617 The battery cover can be opened without the use of a tool. This could allow young children to access the butto
28 Oct 2016
Woolworths Limited — Halloween LED Spinning Wand...Recall 2016/15687 19 Oct 2016 Halloween Ghost and Pumpkin LED Spinning Wands Article number 478661 Product may crack open when dropped, exposing the button cell batteries. Ingestion of button cell batteries by young children can cause internal burns wh
19 Oct 2016
Cricket Australia — Promotional LED Wristband...Recall 2019/17314 30 Jan 2019 Free promotional LED wristband Wristbands were marked with "Stars" (green wristband) or "Alinta Energy" (orange wristband). Between 8 000 and 10 000 Stars wristbands (green) and 6 500 Alinta (orange) wristbands were distribut
30 Jan 2019
Target Australia Pty Ltd — Halloween LED Pumpkin Spinning Wand...Recall 2017/16384 25 Oct 2017 LED Pumpkin Spinning Wand Keycode 60508690 60508690 Barcode 9350533853491 The battery compartment cover may be opened, exposing the button batteries inside. If young children gain access to the button batteri
25 Oct 2017
Victoria's Secret — Victoria's Secret Liquid Glitter Phone Case (various designs)...Recall 2017/16253 8 Sep 2017 Mobile phone case containing glitter in liquid. Various designs and glitter colours. The phone case contains white spirit (turpentine). If the plastic phone case is cracked or broken the flu
08 Sep 2017
Consumer protection notice No. 1 of 2014 - Results of investigation (Fire wallets)...Publication 25 Feb 2014 COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Competition and Consumer Act 2010 Consumer Protection Notice No. 1 of 2014...Notice of the results of an investigation into fire wallets containing asbestos...I, Bruce Billso
25 Feb 2014