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27 Jun 2016
Undeclared knives or cutters in stationery sets...Ban Children's art, craft and stationery sets that include a knife or cutter cannot be sold unless the knife or cutter is declared....About the ban...The declaration of the presence of a knife or cutter must be easily legible and prominently displayed on the
23 Feb 2017
Zafco Franchise Co Pty Ltd—16 Piece Lap Art Set...Recall 2003/5907 2 Jan 2003 B/C 9329247000033 The art set has a soft pad underneath for stability. This padding failed integrity tests releasing polystyrene beads which are considered extremely hazardous to children and may pose an ingestion/inhalation
02 Jan 2003
Husqvarna—Viking Designer 1 Sewing Machines...Recall 2002/5667 26 Aug 2002 1999 production. A connection problem with the Designer 1 power component can pose a potential for overheating and fire. Fire. Stop using the sewing machine immediately. Contact your local dealer to arrange for a free replacemen
26 Aug 2002
Austwide Wholesalers Pty Ltd—EVA Craft Stamp...Recall 2002/5378 17 May 2002 (TY 2039B) Product Bar Code: 9316341198827. Childs Stamper made from EVA foam designed to use with ink pads. These toys were distributed through numerous Discount and Variety Stores. Do not meet the requirements of the Product
17 May 2002
Toys R Us—Totally Me Makit & Bakit Jewellery...Recall 2008/10075 10 Jun 2008 Sold by Toys R Us nationally during the period 1 July 2007 to 14 April 2008. Totally Me Makit & Bakit Jewellery Totally Me Makit & Bakit Jewellery The clasp on the metal bracelet may contain impermissible levels of lead. Lead
10 Jun 2008
Roymac—Stubby Brushes with Yellow and Green Handles...Recall 2008/10218 11 Aug 2008 Codes: MBST4, MSTF4, 529SF and 582SR. The brushes were sold nationally from 13 September 2007 to August 2008 na na The surface paint on the yellow and green handled brushes may contain higher than permissible levels of
11 Aug 2008
Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty Ltd—Dremel 300 series project kit...Recall 2008/10501 15 Dec 2008 Part number Fo130300BF. Product sold in selected Bunnings and Mitre 10 stores from 1 December 2008. N/A N/A A limited number of kits contain a 220 volt rotary tool instead of 240 volt which does not meet AS/N
15 Dec 2008
Victoria Sewing Supply—Miniature iron machine MI-001G/S...Recall 2005/7543 10 Feb 2005 There are holes in the supply pins of both unit. Electric shock. Contact supplier. Victoria sewing supply Nationally...Australian Competition and Consumer Commission...Art and craft
10 Feb 2005
Brother—Domestic Sewing Machine...Recall 1999/3883 31 Mar 1999 N/A Model VX-1410 Model VX-1410 A Potential Electrical Safety Hazard May Occur On This Machine. Electric Shock. Please Stop Using Immediately And Disconnect From The Main Power Supply. Contact Your Nearest State Office To Arrange A Free Saf
31 Mar 1999
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