GP & GF Hill Pty Ltd — Venco Direct Drive and Venco Number 7 Pottery Wheels...Recall 2019/17776 21 Oct 2019 Venco Direct Drive Supplied between 2006 and 2019 Venco Number 7 Pottery Wheels Supplied between 1999 and 2007 Craft machinery used by commercial potters, schools and educational institutions, an
21 Oct 2019
GP & GF Hill Pty Ltd — No3 & No5 Standard Cone Drive Wheels...Recall 2018/16944 20 Sep 2018 Craft machinery used by commercial potters, schools, TAFEs and hobbyists. No3 wheel and No5 (speed lock) wheel may fail due to breakage of conductors inside the supply cord’s inner and outer insulation due to fl
20 Sep 2018
Alpak Trade Pty Ltd t/as Fremantle Water Beads — Water Expandable Polymer Balls (Water Beads)...Recall 2018/17105 8 Nov 2018 2-3mm water expandable polymer balls; also known as water beads. The beads expand when water is added, reaching 8mm in diameter. The balls are used for flower arranging, soil wet
08 Nov 2018
Husqvarna—Viking Designer 1 Sewing Machines...Recall 2002/5667 26 Aug 2002 1999 production. A connection problem with the Designer 1 power component can pose a potential for overheating and fire. Fire. Stop using the sewing machine immediately. Contact your local dealer to arrange for a free replacemen
26 Aug 2002
Austwide Wholesalers Pty Ltd—EVA Craft Stamp...Recall 2002/5378 17 May 2002 (TY 2039B) Product Bar Code: 9316341198827. Childs Stamper made from EVA foam designed to use with ink pads. These toys were distributed through numerous Discount and Variety Stores. Do not meet the requirements of the Product
17 May 2002
Brother—Domestic Sewing Machine...Recall 1999/3883 31 Mar 1999 N/A Model VX-1410 Model VX-1410 A Potential Electrical Safety Hazard May Occur On This Machine. Electric Shock. Please Stop Using Immediately And Disconnect From The Main Power Supply. Contact Your Nearest State Office To Arrange A Free Saf
31 Mar 1999
Random House Australia—The Spongebob Squarepants Art Kit...Recall 2005/7699 29 Apr 2005 Art Kit contains an activity book, 6 sponges for stamping, paintbrush, paint and paintbox. Poses a potential choking hazard if pieces break off and are swallowed, particularly to children under 3 years of age. Rando
29 Apr 2005
Micador—Special Grip Lino Tools—Model LIM 106...Recall 2004/7006 21 May 2004 Micador Special Grip Lino Tools, Model LIM 106. Sold from 21 January 2004 to May 2004. The steel shaft may break causing the blade to dislodge from the hand. Should this occur, there is a potential risk of personal injury. Per
21 May 2004
Costco Wholesale Australia Pty Ltd—Wooky Crayon Block Set...Recall 2011/12918 25 Nov 2011 Stackable crayon block set of 50 pieces and 36 page giant colouring pad Item number: 886020 Item number: 886020 There is the potential for small parts to be created when the crayon blocks are dropped onto hard sur
25 Nov 2011
Sullivans International Ltd—15 Watt Glue-Gun...Recall 2012/13126 4 May 2012 The recall covers Sullivans International 15 Watt Craft Glue gun with the item Number 46585 and 10 Watt Glue Gun with the item number 48392. The item number can be found on the gun’s rating label Item no: 46585 Barcode no: 7393
04 May 2012