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27 Jun 2016
Anyware Corporation Pty Ltd—8ware 5 Port USB Wall Charger with Travel Adapter...Recall 2015/14879 24 Aug 2015 Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 15W max Output: DC 5V, 2000mA (1-USB) / 1000mA (2-USB) / 660mA (3-USB) / 500mA (4-USB) Charging effiviency: 75% typ Output voltage tolerance: +5% Standby power cons
24 Aug 2015
Powerpod International Pty Ltd—USB Wall Charger...Recall 2013/13719 4 Sep 2013 Mains electricity to USB adaptor (240V AC to 5V DC USB output) 1X91029Y459T 1X91029Y459T The charger may short circuit under sustained heavy charging. If the charger short circuits it may pose a fire and/or electrocution haz
04 Sep 2013
Apple Inc.—Apple AC Wall Plug Adapter...Recall 2016/15171 29 Jan 2016 This recall covers the two prong plug portion of the Apple AC power supply (wall plug adapters) designed for use in Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, South Korea and Brazil. These wall plug adapters shipped from
29 Jan 2016 & Scoopon—1m & 3m iPhone 5 Lightning Cable...Recall 2013/13565 3 May 2013 Product 1: White iPhone 5 Lightning Cable (3 metres) USB5-3 connection and Apple Lightning connection Product 2: White iPhone 5 Lightning Cable (1 metre) USB5-3 connection and Apple Lightning connection (Part
03 May 2013
Kodak—DC5000 Zoom Digital Camera...Recall 2002/5687 10 Sep 2002 These cameras were on sale from June 2000 to present. The DC5000 camera may be identified by the brand name and model number written on the front of the camera in the bottom right-hand corner. All DC5000 cameras carry a plate on the bottom
10 Sep 2002
Nikon—Coolpix 2000 Digital Camera...Recall 2002/5558 12 Aug 2002 2 Megapixel consumer digital zoom lens camera, powered by 4 AA sized Alkaline batteries, supplied with the camera. Supplied in Australia between 27 June and 9 August 2002. Affected cameras have serial numbers: 2010001 - 2042816; 2510001 -
12 Aug 2002
Targus—Retractable Telephone Cord and Retractable Network ISDN Cord...Recall 2001/4702 2 Apr 2001 Retractable Telephone Cord with RJ-11 Clips: Product Number PA200U; and Retractabl Network ISDN Cord: Product Number PA210U. Product PA200U has been on sale since September 1998, and product PA210U since D
02 Apr 2001
Ingram Micro Pty Ltd—Telstra Branded Cordless Telephones—AC power adaptors...Recall 2007/9083 27 Feb 2007 The affected products to be recalled are AC power adaptors marked with a TE Number of either TE0606 or TE0706 from phones of any of the following series sold on or from 1 July 2006. Telstra easytou
27 Feb 2007
Polycom Global—Soundstation 2W and Soundstation 2W Expandable wireless conference phones—Batteries...Recall 2006/8366 28 Feb 2006 Sold between 1 April 2005 and 31 December 2005 in the 12 hour talk time/non-expandable packs, the 24 hour talk time/expandable packs and in replacement battery packs. The ba
28 Feb 2006
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