Lenovo (Australia & New Zealand) — Gen5 X1 Carbon Notebooks...Recall 2018/16598 8 Mar 2018 Halo Lenovo notebook for corporate business environment Machine types 20HQ, 20K3, 20HR and 20K4 20HQ 20K3 20HR 20K4 An unfastened screw could compromise the battery and cause overheating. May pose a fire hazard.
08 Mar 2018
J-Sky Pty Ltd — Power Adapter Charger 29W USB-C...Recall 2019/17834 1 Nov 2019 Power Adapter Charger 29W USB-C Fast charger for charging mobile phones Model KP-2UPD The Power Adapter Charger does not comply with the relevant mandatory electrical standard. Risk of electric shock. Stop using the product
01 Nov 2019
LEADER Systems Pty Ltd — Amplifi AFI-HD-AU and AFI-P-HD-AU Wireless Mesh Points...Recall 2018/17039 11 Oct 2018 A three-piece system consisting of a router base station and two wireless mesh points. The mesh point extender that plugs into your wall socket outlet has a manufacturing defect where the enc
11 Oct 2018
D. & M. Holdings Pty. Ltd. and QualiFi Pty Ltd — Heos 1 Go Pack by Denon Rechargeable Battery...Recall 2016/15545 4 Aug 2016 Heos 1 Go Pack by Denon Rechargeable Battery All serial numbers beginning with 5xxGxxxxxx, and serial numbers between 601G913517 to 601G914004. The serial number can be found on
04 Aug 2016
Toshiba Client Solutions ANZ Pty Limited — 2-pin AC Adapter supplied with certain Toshiba laptops...Recall 2018/16857 29 Jun 2018 2-pin AC adapters with the following G Part Numbers: G71C0009S210 G71C0009T110 G71C0009T116 and G71C0009T210. Serial Number and G Part Number DC-IN plug of the AC adapter ma
29 Jun 2018
Targus Australia Pty Limited — APA95AU-50, 45W USB-C PD3.0 Laptop Wall Charger...Recall 2019/17355 25 Feb 2019 APA95AU-50, 45W USB-C PD3.0 Laptop Wall Charger There is potential on some units for the faceplate to separate from the body of the AC plug head, exposing live parts. Risk of electric shock. S
25 Feb 2019
Panasonic Australia Pty Ltd — Panasonic Tablet FZ-G1 (Mk1 to Mk3) and Battery Pack...Recall 2017/16009 13 Apr 2017 Panasonic FZ-G1 tablet computer with a rechargeable battery pack. This product can be charged from AC or DC power sources. Tablet serial numbers: FZ-G1Axxxx, FZ-G1Cxxxx, FZ-G1Fxxxx, Fz-G1L
13 Apr 2017
LEADER Systems Pty Ltd — AFI-HD-AU Router and mesh point kit...Recall 2017/16458 3 Dec 2017 A three-piece system consisting of a router base station and two wireless mesh points A single batch of 320 products was affected. One affected unit remains with a consumer and that consumer has been contacted.
03 Dec 2017
HP PPS Australia Pty Ltd — Internal Battery for HP Laptop Computers (extended recall)...Recall 2018/16509 EMU 4 Mar 2018 Recall extended April 2019 Internal battery packs installed in some HP notebook computer models or purchased as an accessory or replacement for some HP notebook computer models. Pote
04 Mar 2018
Panasonic Australia Pty Ltd — Panasonic Toughbook Laptop...Recall 2018/16805 30 May 2018 Panasonic Toughbook Laptop Models CF-AX Series, CF-C2 Series and CF-SX Series CF-AX, CF-C2 and CF-SX There is a software configuration issue with the battery pack discharge which causes the battery to potentially o
30 May 2018