LSC Security Supplies — Silca Chipolo Bluetooth Item Finder...Recall 2021/19140 3 Aug 2021 Silca Chipolo bluetooth item finder A small coin size plastic device with a bluetooth interface used to find lost devices when paired with bluetooth items. The product can be attached to a keyring. Available in c
03 Aug 2021
Utek Pacific Pty Ltd — Mini Bluetooth GPS Tracker Dog Pet Smart Finder Locator Key Tracking Tracer...Recall 2021/19241 11 Nov 2021 A bluetooth tracker that connects with a software application to track items Available in colours black, green, white and pink The product contains one button battery 5055A
11 Nov 2021
Cygnett Pty Ltd — Remote Control for V-Glamour, V-Pro, V-Pro Travel, V-Tuber Pro and V-Dual Classic Ring Lights...Recall 2021/19188 17 Sep 2021 Remote control for the below ring lights. The ring lights themselves are not affected by this recall....V-Glamour...10 inch LED ring light with tripod and Bluetooth
17 Sep 2021
Target Australia Pty Ltd — Target Slimline Activity & Sleep Tracker...Recall 2018/17070 19 Oct 2018 Personal activity and sleep tracker Model IR159S Available in black, blue and pink Black 60398611, Blue 60398635, Pink 60398628 Potential lack of insulation from charging contacts may result in electroly
19 Oct 2018
Marine Power International Pty Ltd — Mercury Design 2 Joystick Piloting Kit...Recall 2019/17553 28 Jun 2019 Mercury Design 2 Joystick Piloting Kit Joystick operated piloting system for marine vessel A defect in the operating software of the joystick could result in the steering helm sensor providing th
28 Jun 2019
Is your music doing you damage?...News 24 Aug 2011 Portable music players like iPods, mp3 & mp4 players can cause short-term hearing loss. One in six Australians is affected by hearing loss. National and international research shows that listening to portable music players at significantly high volumes
24 Aug 2011
IBD Medical — Dario Blood Glucose Tracker App Android App Versions 4.3.0-4.3.2...Recall 2019/17815 17 Sep 2019 Dario Blood Glucose Tracker App Android App Versions 4.3.0-4.3.2 ATRG 229859 (IBD Medical - Software IVDs) An in vitro diagnostic medical device (IVD) Android App Versions 4.3.0-4.3.2 Potentia
17 Sep 2019
Interconnected devices...Page Interconnected devices are sometimes called ‘smart products’ or the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). These products are becoming increasingly popular in consumers’ homes and lives. While there are many benefits, in some cases they can cause harm to consumers if they have a safe
07 May 2021
ResMed Ltd — Stellar 100 and Stellar 150 Portable Ventilators...Recall 2019/18023 13 Dec 2019 Stellar 100 and 150 Portable Ventilators (Medical Device) Product Numbers: 24156, 24164, 24147, 24162. Serial Number Range 20160123307 to 22171057208 Manufactured between April 2016 and June 2017 ARTG 219429 (
13 Dec 2019
Starkey Hearing Technologies — Surflink Media and Surflink Media 2 (models 200 & 210)...Recall 2017/16361 6 Oct 2017 Surflink Media and Surflink Media 2 are devices that wirelessly stream stereo sound from electronic devices, such as televisions, radios or MP3 players to compatible hearing aids. ARTG N
06 Oct 2017
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