Black Hops Brewing — Extra Eggnog Beer 375mL in Beer Cartel Advent Calendar...Recall 2019/17973 19 Nov 2019 Extra Eggnog Beer 375mL Supplied in Beer Cartel Advent Calendar at compartment number 25 (single beer only) Packaged 10/10/19 Batch #53 10 Apr 2020 APN/EAN 9 352539001449 The recall is due to the
19 Nov 2019
Raw Earth Organic — Lychee Rose Kombucha 330mL...Recall 2020/18117 13 Jan 2020 Lychee Rose Kombucha 330mL 9 Apr 2020 The recall is due to the alcohol content exceeding the permitted 1.15% Alcohol By Volume (ABV). As the product contains alcohol exceeding permitted alcohol content levels, consumers will
13 Jan 2020
Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard Pty Ltd — Brown Brothers King Valley Prosecco Rosé 750mL...Recall 2019/17922 24 Oct 2019 Brown Brothers King Valley Prosecco Rosé 750mL Limited Edition Design by George Rose Date marking 22/08/19 and 04/10/19 Batch Code L191004 and L190822 and APN/EAN 9311124400494 The re
24 Oct 2019
Schweppes Australia Pty Ltd — Schweppes Lemonade 1.1L...Recall 2018/17069 26 Sep 2018 Schweppes Lemonade 1.1L Best Before 11 MAR 19 with time code from 20:16 to 20:40 Manufacturing Code: 3202 An incorrect label (Schweppes Lemonade Zero Sugar) has been applied to the rear of the bottle, which does not a
26 Sep 2018
G J Wholesale — Assorted Alcoholic Beverages...Recall 2018/17056 19 Sep 2018 Verushka Vodka Mississippi Bourbon Los Cabos Tequila Yachtsman White Rum Mudgee Rum Barman’s Choice Whiskey Hunter Brandy Her Choice Gin 700mL bottles labelled “Supplied to and bottled in Australia for G J Wholesale" Potential
19 Sep 2018
Stone & Wood Brewing Co — Stone & Wood Pacific Ale...Recall 2016/15646 22 Sep 2016 330ml bottles Stone & Wood Pacific Ale 25 Feb 2017 Potential chemical cleaning fluid contamination Food products containing cleaning chemicals may cause illness if consumed. Consumers should not drink this product. The p
22 Sep 2016
Jimmy Brings — Wine...Recall 2018/16893 16 Jul 2018 Mount Emmy Pinot Grigio 2017 750mL Lily of the Valley Pinot Grigio 2018 750mL The recall is due to the presence of undeclared allergens (sulphites, milk and eggs). Any consumers who have a sulphite, milk or egg allergy or intolerance may have a reacti
16 Jul 2018
Aether Group Pty Ltd t/as Aether Brewing — Ginger Beerd...Recall 2019/17734 6 Aug 2019 Ginger Beerd ginger beer 375mL cans 4 pack 9kg carton Packaged on date 29/06/19 APN/EAN Can - 9352657000041, 4 pack – 9352657000058, Carton - 9352657000249 Potential for alcohol to exceed marked alcohol content and p
06 Aug 2019
Soul Fresh — LoBros Organic Lemon Lime and Bitters Kombucha 330mL...Recall 2019/17368 27 Feb 2019 LoBros Organic Lemon Lime and Bitters Kombucha 330mL 13 Jun 2019 The recall is due to high levels of pressure which may result in the cap to pop open. This product may cause injury due to cap popping off.
27 Feb 2019
Aldi Stores (a Limited Partnership) — Organic Kombucha Raspberry Lemon 330mL and Lemon Lime & Bitters 330mL, 750mL...Recall 2019/17358 24 Feb 2019 Organic Kombucha Raspberry Lemon 330mL Organic Kombucha Lemon Lime & Bitters 330mL Organic Kombucha Lemon Lime & Bitters 750mL All Batch Codes and Use By da
24 Feb 2019