Rocking cradles...Page If using a rocking cradle for your baby, make sure that it has the appropriate safety features, such as a tilt limiter and child-resistant lock....About rocking cradles...A rocking cradle is a small bed with a swinging motion to help babies sleep. It is normally used when babies are yo
07 Jun 2016
Household cots...Page Babies can suffer serious injuries when trying to climb out of cots. Make sure you buy a cot that meets the mandatory safety standard....About cots...Household cots are fixed sleeping enclosures for infants and babies. Cots can be rectangular with sides and ends made of slats or filler
30 Jul 2016
Change tables...Page Babies should never be left unattended on a change table. Use some form of roll-off protection and make sure all locking devices on a folding change table are strong....About change tables...Change tables are furniture designed for changing a baby's nappy at a raised level....Risks and inju
30 Jul 2016
Bassinettes...Page Babies can be injured if a bassinette tips over, the bottom breaks or the folding legs collapse. Use our tips for buying and using bassinettes....About bassinettes...A bassinette is a small bed for young babies that is normally used temporarily for the first few months before babies become
29 Jul 2016
Folding cots...Page Children can fall when trying to climb out of folding cots, or become trapped if a cot accidentally collapses. Make sure you buy a cot that meets the mandatory safety standard....About folding cots...Folding cots are designed for for temporary use. They are also known as portable cots, tr
02 Feb 2021
Kids furniture...Page Kids' furniture
07 Jun 2016
Safe sleeping for infants...News 11 Mar 2010 Fair Trading Minister Peter Lawlor has urged all new parents to be aware of safe sleeping advice when deciding on their baby’s sleeping arrangements. His comments follows the New South Wales government’s announcement that it has ordered a review into the saf
11 Mar 2010
Folding cots...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the design and construction, performance and safety labelling for folding cots. This mandatory standard applies to children's portable folding cots that are: portable used for sleeping and are folded when not in use items referr
02 Feb 2021
Household cots...Standard This mandatory standard applies to household cots that are new, second-hand, antique, and collectable....About household cots...Household cots can include the following types: rectangular cots (typically) that are a permanent sleeping enclosure for an infant or baby with raised side
27 Feb 2017
Household furniture hazards for kids - Safety alert...Publication 30 May 2009 Placing a large television on a small stand or unstable surface is very dangerous for small children. Televisions with large screens and smaller backs can easily overbalance and tip forward. SAFETY TIPS Match the stand or cab
30 May 2009
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