Elastic luggage straps...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the safety markings and labelling requirements of elastic luggage straps....About elastic luggage straps...Elastic luggage straps are designed for securing luggage or other objects. They are also known as: octopus, or occy s
06 Apr 2017
Workshop...Page Workshop
23 Dec 2015
Elastic luggage straps...Page Elastic luggage straps can cause serious injury if used incorrectly. Always buy straps that meet the mandatory safety standard....About elastic luggage straps...Elastic luggage straps (also known as ‘occy straps’ or 'bungee cords') are straps or cords with a hook, buckle or othe
30 Jul 2016
Ladders...Page If ladders are unsafe or used incorrectly, they can cause serious injuries. Always make sure a ladder is in good condition before using it....About ladders...Ladders form part of most home garages and work sheds....Risks and injuries...If the ladder is not in good condition or is used unsafely, fall
12 Apr 2018
ACCC announces recalls of unsafe ladders...News 21 Dec 2012 The ACCC has negotiated recalls with two suppliers of multipurpose ladders in Australia after testing found the ladders failed to perform as they claimed. “These ladders had clear claims that they met an Australian Standard. Testing commission
21 Dec 2012
Safe summer 2018...News 10 Dec 2018 We want you to have a safe, happy and healthy summer. Many summer products can be unsafe if they are left unattended or aren’t used properly. To have a safe summer, follow our safety tips and keep up-to-date on the latest product recalls . ...Christmas gifts and toys...In
09 Dec 2018
7 easy steps for ladder safety...Publication 4 Aug 2011 Office of Fair Trading for ladder safety 7easy steps 1. Use a ladder that meets the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 1892). Ask the retailer if you are unsure. 2. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety warnings. Before using a ladder,
04 Aug 2011
7 easy steps for angle grinder safety...Publication 4 Aug 2011 Office of Fair Trading for angle grinder safety 7easy steps 1. Choose the right grinder for the job and follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions. Grinders cause more injuries than any other power tool. Do not use a bigger, more powerfu
04 Aug 2011
DIY safety: beware of dangers to yourself and to others...News 8 Oct 2014 When completing do-it-yourself projects around the home, remember that safety comes first for yourself and for others. Many injuries and deaths happen during home maintenance and DIY activities when people have used the wrong too
08 Oct 2014
Ladder safety campaign for Aussie men...News 14 Sep 2016 A new national education campaign encourages Australian men to consider their safety and avoid engaging in risky ladder use. Every year, 1,600 men aged over 65 are hospitalised with ladder-related injuries, most occurring during home maintenance
14 Sep 2016
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