Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd — Kidde 2-3lb Mariner 5 Fire Extinguisher...Recall 2018/16616 25 Feb 2018 Kidde branded disposable fire extinguishers with plastic handles. The extinguisher is white with a straight handle and a vertical pull pin. This product was sold to be fitted onto yachts manufactured
25 Feb 2018
3M Australia Pty Limited — 3M Aura Particulate Respirator 9322A+...Recall 2019/17925 22 Nov 2019 3M Aura Particulate Respirator 9322A+ The lot number of the product can be found on the bottom right-hand side of the 3M shipper case label, on the bottom left hand corner of the individual box, and on the
22 Nov 2019
Chief Industrial Ladders — Extension Ladder Pole Belt...Recall 2017/16478 21 Dec 2017 Pole Belt consisting of polyester webbing and rubber. The polyester pole belt may fail during use. This may result in falls from the ladder, posing a risk of injury to the user. Consumers should immediately stop using
21 Dec 2017
R & R Speedsports Pty Ltd—Zeus Motorcycle Helmets...Recall 2002/5180 31 Jan 2002 Models 505W and 508. Bearing AS1698 Approval. Possibility of premature disengagement of the quick release buckle under stress conditions. Owners should cease using the helmet and return it to the point of purchase for a fu
31 Jan 2002
Babylove—Vehicle Child Safety Restraint...Recall 2002/5181 1 Feb 2002 Batches 565, 594 & 599, production dates 9/01 & 10/01, sold during October November and December 2001. Sold at K-Mart and various independent retailers. The batch number is written on the label on the end of the harness and is also o
01 Feb 2002
Monza Imports Pty Ltd—KBC Jet Motorcycle Helmet...Recall 2002/5196 8 Feb 2002 KBC Jet Helmets with a manufacturing date anytime during the year 2000 or 2001. The date of manufacture can be found on a label that is attached to the polystyrene helmet liner underneath the cloth liner. May not have been su
08 Feb 2002
Dats—Back Float...Recall 2002/5197 8 Feb 2002 Back float has 4 Layers with adjustable strap, safety buckle and clip. Item Number 10658. Measurement 170 x 220mm. The colours of the layers are yellow, blue, white and orange. With an orange belt and black plastic clip. This product could present a safety
08 Feb 2002
SJ Imports—Personal Floatation Device...Recall 2002/5204 14 Feb 2002 Batch No.: 0001. Adult Floatation Device (PFD type 1.) Yellow in Colour with Orange Straps. Sold by Super Cheap Auto Stores. Due to inconsistent buoyancy readings in Batch No. 0001 these PFD1's may not be suitable for 60kg's and over.
14 Feb 2002
Blundstone—Safety Footwear...Recall 2002/5346 9 May 2002 Styles affected include: Black elastic-sided boots, styles 330,350; Brown elastic-sided boots, styles 331,351; Fawn elastic-sided boots, style 356; Black lace-up boots style 353; Black lace-up shoes, style 347; Suede high leg lace boots style 357
09 May 2002
JNH Australia—Safefit Sesame Street & Safety 1st seat belt adjusters...Recall 1999/4146 12 Nov 1999 Automotive Accessories: Safefit Sesame Street Seat Belt Adjuster; Safety 1st Seat Belt Adjuster And Safety 1st Seat Buckle Cover. Sold In Major Retail Outlets As Well As Independent Stores. Do Not Meet R
12 Nov 1999