Stay safe on quad bikes and side by side vehicles...News 10 Dec 2019 Since 2011, 136 people have died as a result of quad bike accidents, while thousands more have been seriously injured, and the ACCC is urging people to be vigilant about safety when using quad bikes and side-by-side vehicles (SSV) thi
09 Dec 2019
Quad bike safety standard fact sheet...Publication 13 Jul 2020 July 2020 Quad bike safety standard 1 Grzebieta R, Rechnitzer G, Simmons K and McIntosh AS (2015) ‘Final Summary Project Report: Test Results, Conclusions, and Recommendations’, Quad Bike Performance Project TARS Research Report
13 Jul 2020
Make sure your quad bikes meet the new safety standard...News 19 Aug 2020 If you sell quad bikes in Australia, you will soon need to make sure your quad bikes meet certain requirements of the US or EU quad bike standards and have additional information on them to comply with the new safety standard . F
19 Aug 2020
New quad bike safety standard helps you check, compare and take care...News 19 Aug 2020 136 people have sadly died from quad bike accidents between 2011 and 2019. This is why the Australian Government has introduced a mandatory safety standard for all new quad bikes sold in Australia. From 11 October 2
19 Aug 2020
First stage quad bike safety measures now mandatory...News 12 Oct 2020 All new and imported second hand quad bikes sold in Australia must now meet the first stage of the government’s mandatory safety standard after it came into effect on 11 October. As of yesterday, all new and imported second hand qua
11 Oct 2020
ACCC welcomes new quad bike safety standard...News 10 Oct 2019 The ACCC has welcomed the Federal Government’s decision to improve the safety of quad bikes by introducing a new safety standard. The decision was announced by Assistant Treasurer the Hon Michael Sukkar today. The safety standard has three
09 Oct 2019
Operator protection devices (OPDs)...Page Operator protection devices (OPDs) help protect riders from the risk of death or serious injury in the event of a quad bike rollover....About OPDs...Sixty per cent of quad bike fatalities occur when the quad bike rolls over. From 11 October 2021, general use quad bik
19 Aug 2020
Quad bikes...Standard This safety standard applies to all quad bikes from 11 October 2020 with additional requirements for general use quad bikes from 11 October 2021. The standard does not apply to second-hand quad bikes other than those imported into Australia....About quad bikes...A quad bike (also known
01 Jul 2021
Quad bike safety standard - guidance for quad bike manufacturers...Publication 10 Oct 2019 As a manufacturer who supplies quad bikes for the Australian market, either through distributors and dealers or directly to consumers, you are responsible for ensuring that quad bikes meet these requi
09 Oct 2019
Quad bike safety standard - guidance for quad bike dealers...Publication 10 Oct 2019 Obligations of manufacturers, importers and distributors Dealers typically purchase new quad bikes from manufacturers, distributors and importers to sell to consumers. At present, no quad bikes are designed
09 Oct 2019
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