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23 Dec 2015
Bicycle helmets...Standard This mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the design, construction, performance and safety marking of bicycle helmets....About bicycle helmets...A bicycle helmet is designed to offer protection to the cyclist’s head during impact. It features a: shell liner retention stra
11 Aug 2020
Bicycles...Page Cyclists can suffer serious injuries if the bicycle they are riding is poorly assembled, in bad condition or doesn't meet the mandatory safety standard. Make sure you buy a bicycle with the required safety features....About bicycles...Bicycles are a popular mode of transport and way to stay a
29 Jul 2016
Bicycle helmets...Page Cyclists are at risk of death or serious injury in the event of an accident if their bicycle helmet is unsafe or not correctly fitted. Make sure you only wear bicycle helmets that fit well and meet the requirements of the mandatory standard....About bicycle helmets...A bicycle helmet o
17 Jan 2018
Fixed-gear pedal bicycles - Supplier bulletin...Publication 12 Jul 2010 Product safety bulletin Fixed-gear pedal bicycles July 2010 This bulletin alerts suppliers and users of pedal bicycles about serious safety issues related to fixed-gear bicycles, or ‘fixies’. Two-wheeled fixed-gear bicycles are eme
12 Jul 2010
Pedal bicycles and bicycle helmets...Publication 9 Oct 2012 October 2012 Product Safety Bulletin Pedal bicycles and bicycle helmets This bulletin alerts suppliers of pedal bicycles and bicycle helmets to some of the hazards associated with these consumer goods. It also outlines some of your responsibil
09 Oct 2012
Bicycles...Standard The mandatory standard covers design and labelling requirements for child and adult pedal bicycles....Lacerations and limb entrapment...Children can suffer lacerations and limb entrapment if the bicycle is not fitted with a chain guard....Mandatory standard...This mandatory standard is based on
20 Dec 2016
Giant Bicycle Co. Pty Ltd — Various Giant and Liv Bicycles...Recall 2017/15849 18 Jan 2017 - 2015 Giant Stance 2 (sold from July 2014) - 2016 Giant Stance 2 (sold from July 2015) - 2017 Giant Stance 2 (sold from June 2016) - 2017 Liv Embolden 2 Small and Medium size bikes only (sold from November 2016)
18 Jan 2017
Oceania Bicycles Pty Ltd — Fuji Bicycles and Kestrel Bicycles...Recall 2017/16101 5 Jun 2017 2009 Fuji D6 Pro Bicycles 2010 Fuji D6 Pro Bicycles 2009 Kestrel Evoke SL Bicycles 2009 Kestrel Talon SL Tri Bicycles The bicycle handlebar stems can corrode and break. If the bicycle handlebar stem breaks, the
05 Jun 2017
Southcott Pty Ltd — Felt Bicycles 2010 Model B12 and S22 Bicycles and B12 Frame Sets...Recall 2016/15812 9 Jan 2017 Carbon fork blades with alloy steerer tube. Sold through Bicycle Retail stores from October 2009. Affected forks have the serial number on steerer tube - FEFO04-AC. Bicycle fork may crack
09 Jan 2017
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