Miniature motorbikes...Standard The mandatory standard commenced on 18 December 2019 and prescribes requirements for the design, construction and performance of miniature motorbikes, as well as accompanying safety warnings and user manual....About miniature motorbikes...The mandatory standard defines a minia
21 Dec 2020
IKEA Pty Limited — SLADDA bicycle...Recall 2018/16808 4 Jun 2018 Adult's bicycle Two sizes (28 inch and 26 inch) 80339766, 40339768 The drive belt may snap suddenly while in use. If the drive belt on the bicycle snaps while in use, it may cause an injury through a fall. Customers that have a SLADDA bic
04 Jun 2018
Assassin Dirt Bikes — Assassin Scorpion Mini Bike...Recall 2017/16173 14 Jul 2017 Assassin Scorpion Bike 80cc AUTO The affected bikes do not have a braking system that complies with Consumer Protection Notice No. 24 of 2011, which requires a braking system capable of acting on the front and rear wheels
14 Jul 2017
Airwheels Australia — Airwheel self-balancing scooter...Recall 2016/15813 23 Dec 2016 Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter The battery does not meet safety standards. There is a potential risk of electric shock and/or fire. Stop using the product and charger immediately. Return the product to 12 Te
23 Dec 2016
SRAM — Avid Single Digit 7 Bicycle Mechanical Rim Brake...Recall 2017/16354 13 Oct 2017 Avid Single Digit 7 (SDG7) bicycle mechanical rim brake. All Avid SDG7 rim brakes with production codes 01JUN14 to 26MAY17 are involved in this recall; the production date can be found on the back of the brake arm.
13 Oct 2017
xteen-lovers — DB1 & PB2 Mini Monkey Bikes...Recall 2017/16171 13 Jul 2017 DB1 and PB2 Mini Monkey Bikes 49cc GY2016 The monkey bike steering does not meet the requirements of the Consumer Protection Notice No. 24 of 2011. When the front wheel of the motorbike is raised off the ground, the steering hea
13 Jul 2017
TDRMoto Pty Ltd — Monsterpro Z50 Replica Motorbike...Recall 2017/16164 4 Jul 2017 125CC Semi Auto Z50 Replica Motorbike A functioning, thumb operated supplemental engine stop has not been installed on the handlebar as required under Consumer Protection Notice No. 24 of 2011. In an emergency the engine
04 Jul 2017 — 2016 Paratrooper style bicycle and 2017 i am free girl bicycle models...Recall 2017/16490 22 Dec 2017 2016 Paratrooper style bicycle sold between between 31 July 2016 - 11 March 2017, frame number starting from ANS1604 2017 i am free girl bicycle sold between between 22 January 2017 to 9
22 Dec 2017
Targeted study of injury data involving motorised mobility scooters...Publication 24 Mar 2011 Targeted Study of Injury Data Involving Motorised Mobility Scooters A report commissioned by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Department of Forensic Medicine School of Public Health and Preve
24 Mar 2011
Bicycles...Standard The mandatory standard covers design and labelling requirements for child and adult pedal bicycles....Lacerations and limb entrapment...Children can suffer lacerations and limb entrapment if the bicycle is not fitted with a chain guard....Mandatory standard...This mandatory standard is based on
20 Dec 2016