Motorcycle helmets...Page Motorcyclists risk serious injury or death if their helmet is unsafe or incorrectly fitted. Always make sure you buy a motorcycle helmet that meets the relevant safety standard....About motorcycle helmets...Motorcycle helmets feature a: hard outer shell soft inner shell to absorb im
29 Jul 2016
Parts & accessories...Page Parts and accessories
04 May 2016
Ohlins Racing AB—Motorcycle Steering Damper Bracket for BMW S1000RR (SD033)...Recall 2013/13659 8 Jul 2013 Ohlins Racing AB aftermarket steering damper bracket for BMW S1000RR motorcycles Aftermarket steering damper brackets for BMW S1000RR motorcycles with the following batch numbers: 129238 129647 12
08 Jul 2013
Mitas—Mitas "Dual Sport" Off-Road Motorcycle Tyres...Recall 2013/13450 17 Jan 2013 Brand: MITAS Tyre sizes: 100/90-19 E07 ‘Dual Sport’ TL 57T (Cat. No. MA19110) and 110/80-19 E07 ‘Dual Sport’ TL 59T (Cat. No. MA19270) Sidewall marking ‘E-07’ and ‘100/90-19’ and ‘TL’, or ‘E-07’ and ‘110/80-19’ and ‘TL’
17 Jan 2013
J & M Dixon—X1 Moto XR-205 Motorcycle Helmet...Recall 2013/13654 4 Jul 2013 Open-face skull cap motorcycle helmet. Helmets are stamped with manufacture dates. September 2012 and January 2013 Helmets are stamped with manufacture dates. September 2012 and January 2013 The helmets do not meet performance
04 Jul 2013
Up Yours Imports Pty Ltd—XR-205 "PEANUT" Fibreglass Motorcycle Helmet...Recall 2013/13746 22 Sep 2013 Fiberglass black motorcycle half helmet, manufactured by KYLIN MOTORCYCLE FITTINGS CO Model XR-205 Manufacture dates: Dec 2009, Jan 2010, and May 2010 Model XR-205 Manufacture dates: Dec 2009, Jan 2010
22 Sep 2013
Polaris Industries Inc—Lock & Ride Passenger Backrests...Recall 2014/14109 16 May 2014 Cross country/cross roads lock and ride backrest with luggage rack. 2010 - 2014 Victory Cross Country, Cross Country Tour, Cross Roads, Cross Roads Classic or Hard-Ball motorcycle fitted with passenger backrests (PN:
16 May 2014
Pro Accessories Australia—Avon Cobra AV72 240/50 R16...Recall 2010/11636 7 May 2010 Rear motorcycle tyre Batches 4109, 4209 and 4409 Batches 4109, 4209 and 4409 Manufacturing irregularity which could result in separation of components and tyre puncture. Tyre puncture and the possibility of serious inju
07 May 2010
Michelin—XM28710/70 R42 173A8/173B Agriculture Tyres...Recall 2009/10760 23 Apr 2009 The recalled tyres were produced between 1 July 2008 and 15 July 2008 and between 15 December 2008 and 4 January 2009. The recalled tyres have the Dept of Transportation tyre identification numbers DOT 2708, 2808, 2908
23 Apr 2009
Bulk Bikes—Kylin XR-205 Motorcycle Helmet (Recall Expanded)...Recall 2013/13581 15 May 2013 Open-face skull cap motorcycle helmet. The original recall (PRA2013/13558) has been expanded to include all sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) sold between September 2012 to May 2013. XR-205 Helmets are stamped with manuf
15 May 2013
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