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23 Dec 2015
FCA Australia Pty Ltd—Fiat 500 all versions...Recall 2016/15552 26 Jul 2016 Fiat 500 all versions 6033 6033 Possible non-conformity of the right front seat guide tracks. If the front seat guide tracks do not comply with safety standards it may cause the front seat to shift backwards or forwards suddenl
26 Jul 2016
Fiat—Punto Vehicles—Steering shaft upper joint fixing...Recall 2009/11314 22 Dec 2009 Fiat Punto Vehicles Campaign number: 5397 Target number: 1046 Campaign number: 5397 Target number: 1046 On affected vehicles the torque of the steering shaft upper joint fixing screw requires tightening. Consequences:
22 Dec 2009
Ateco Automotive Pty Ltd—Fiat 500...Recall 2010/11941 30 Aug 2010 Fiat 500 vehicles Target Number: 226 Campaign Number: 5583 Target Number: 226 Campaign Number: 5583 Air bag control unit software non-compliance in cases of side impact. The side bags could inflate inconsistently with the impact side. Co
30 Aug 2010
Fiat—Scudo Model...Recall 2010/11822 19 Jul 2010 Fiat Scudo Vehicles 2.0JTD Engine with air conditioning system – engine compartment layout Campaign Number: 5436 Target Number: 327 Campaign Number: 5436 Target Number: 327 Distance between the diesel return pipe and engine acoustic cover could be insuff
19 Jul 2010
Fiat—500 Vehicles—With rear drum brakes...Recall 2009/10685 20 Mar 2009 On affected vehicles the rear brake shoe holder locating pin may come loose. Malfunction. Contact your Authorised Fiat Dealer. For any additional information and assistance, please call Fiat Customer Assist on the toll free number
20 Mar 2009
FCA Australia Pty Ltd — 2014 Fiat FL Ducato...Recall 2016/15806 6085 10 Jan 2017 2014 Fiat FL Ducato all versions Recall campaign 6085...6085...Recall 6085 VIN list ZFA25000002B84877 ZFA25000002B85311 ZFA25000002B85459 ZFA25000002B87393 ZFA25000002B91365 ZFA25000002B92081 ZFA25000002B92172 ZFA25000002B92174
10 Jan 2017
FCA Australia Pty Ltd — Fiat Ducato...Recall 2017/15941 6106 8 Mar 2017 Fiat Ducato with 2.3 Multijet engine Date range of build: 19/12/2016 - 10/01/2017 Campaign number 6106...Sheet1...VIN ZFA25000002D30055 ZFA25000002D30126 ZFA25000002D31059 ZFA25000002D31544 ZFA25000002D31982 ZFA25000002D34309 ZFA25000002
08 Mar 2017
Fiat—Punto—Lower steering column upper fixing...Recall 2007/9200 17 Apr 2007 The possibility that the lower steering column is not correctly flared where it is fixed to the steering column upper universal joint. Malfunction Contact your Authorised Fiat Dealer. for any additional information and assista
17 Apr 2007
Fiat—Grande Punto—Heater/Climate Control Wiring...Recall 2008/10201 5 Aug 2008 An interference may occur between the heater/climate control wiring and a bracket of the dashboard unit due to a missing retainer clip. Malfunction Contact your Authorised Fiat Passenger Dealer. for any additional informatio
05 Aug 2008
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