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23 Dec 2015
GM Holden Ltd—JH Cruze MY 13/14 1.8 Litre (Manual Transmission)...Recall 2013/13753 25 Sep 2013 MY 2013-2014 JH Cruze 1.8 Litre (manual transmission only) MY 2013-2014 JH Cruze 1.8 Litre Manual Transmission 6G1PD5E50DL823189 - 6G1PD6EMXEL905753 MY 2013-2014 JH Cruze 1.8 Litre Manual Transmission 6G1PD5
25 Sep 2013
Holden—Holden Barina TM Brake Lamp Flicker...Recall 2014/14045 7 Apr 2014 TM Barina 1.6 litre petrol engine fitted with an automatic transmission. No other engine or transmission variant is affected. TM Barina VIN Range: KL3TA69E9EB512184 - KL3TA48E9EB542780 Build Date Range: 02 JULY 2013 - 27 SEPTEMBE
07 Apr 2014
Holden—2009 Daewoo Veritas—Heated Windshield Washer Module Short Circuit...Recall 2010/11767 29 Jun 2010 2009 Daewoo Veritas—Heated Windshield Washer Module Short Circuit manufactured in Australia and exported to South Korea Campaign Number: A-100198 Target Number: 1,314 VIN range: 6G1MZ55769L147909 -
29 Jun 2010
Holden—XC Combo model vehicles...Recall 2004/6891 29 Mar 2004 XC Combo model vehicles built between 25 July 2003 and 18 December 2003 inclusive. Campaign No. 04-H-01 N/A N/A The fastener, which attaches the steering wheel to the steering column, may not be tightened to the required torque specification
29 Mar 2004
Holden—02-H-03 TT Zafira...Recall 2002/5422 12 Jun 2002 A bracket was not fitted to the driver's side seat console (seat base). Contact your authorised Holden dealer. Holden Limited Nationally...Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications...Logo for Department of Infrastr
12 Jun 2002
Holden—XC Barina...Recall 2005/8030 12 Sep 2005 MY 05 XC Barina A potential manufacturing defect in the housing of the airbag and may affect the deployment or operation of the passenger airbag if it is activated. Airbag may not properly deploy in the event of an accident. Consumers will be directly con
12 Sep 2005
Holden—VZ Commodore & WL Statesman—Left Hand Rear Door...Recall 2004/7466 24 Dec 2004 Left hand rear door of 10 VZ Commodore and 2 WL Statesman models Not applicable Defective spot welds may potentially affect occupant protection in the event of a side impact collision. Defective spot welds may potenti
24 Dec 2004
Holden—VZ Commodore & WL Statesman/Caprice...Recall 2005/7629 27 Apr 2005 There is a possibility that the tyre bead may have been damaged during the process of mounting the tyre on to the wheel. Tyre damage. Owners of vehicles will be contracted in accordance with FCAI Code of Practice for a Safety Rel
27 Apr 2005
Holden—Jackaroos 1998...Recall 1998/3603 27 Jul 1998 With 4jx1 - Tc Diesel Engine Built In Isuzu Japan From February 1998 To March 1998. Vin No: Jacubs73gw7100010 To Jacubs73gw7101171. Campaign 98-z-01 May Experience Water Intrusion Into The Tdc Sensor Resulting In Poor Conductivity And Corrosion Causi
27 Jul 1998
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