Suzuki Auto Co — Suzuki Kizashi...Recall 2018/16789 SSR16 20 May 2018 Suzuki Kizashi Motor Vehicle...SSR16 VINS QLD...VIN JSAFRE91S00123783 JSAFRE91S00123789 JSAFRE91S00123794 JSAFRE91S00123795 JSAFRE91S00123802 JSAFRE91S00123805 JSAFRE91S00123807 JSAFRE91S00123808 JSAFRE91S00123810 JSAFRE91S00123811 JSAFRE9
20 May 2018
Suzuki Auto Co — Suzuki SX4...Recall 2018/16788 SSR15 20 May 2018 Suzuki SX4 Motor Vehicle...SSR15 VINS QLD...VIN JSAGYA51S00400376 JSAGYA51S00400377 JSAGYA51S00400380 JSAGYA51S00400387 JSAGYB51S00400184 JSAGYB51S00400187 JSAGYB51S00400281 JSAGYB51S00400282 JSAGYA51S00400522 JSAGYA51S00400534 JSAGYA51S004005
20 May 2018
Suzuki Australia Pty. Limited — Suzuki Grand Vitara...Recall 2017/15904 13 Feb 2017 Suzuki JB Grand Vitara...A set...VIN spec Country Distributor Name Invoice Sales No Engine JSAJTEA4V00270010 E24 AUSTRALIA SUZUKI AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.(MELBOURNE) BT-11961 BMC-7272 J24B-1203132 JSAJTEA4V00270015 E24 AUSTRALIA S
13 Feb 2017
Suzuki Auto Co—Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Swift Sport, SX4 and Kizashi...Recall 2013/13845 20 Nov 2013 Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Swift Sport, SX4 and Kizashi Selected VINS (Vehicle Identification Numbers) Selected VINS (Vehicle Identification Numbers) The bolts that fasten the drive plate to the torque converter
20 Nov 2013
Suzuki Australia Pty Limited—Suzuki Alto...Recall 2013/13662 10 Jul 2013 Suzuki Alto AMF310 VIN range: various VIN range: various It has been identified that the heater blower motor may jam, causing the resistor fuse to possibly over-heat and cut out. An over-heated fuse may result in burn damange to t
10 Jul 2013
Suzuki—ATV—Front Suspension Arm...Recall 2007/9161 29 Mar 2007 Model LT-Z90K7. Model year 2007. The front suspension arm may fail due to insufficient welding at the suspension arm mount boss. Malfunction Contact your nearest Suzuki dealer. Suzuki Australia Pty Limited Nationally...Australian Competition a
29 Mar 2007
Suzuki—LT-F400K5, LT-F400FK5 and LT-A400FK5 Eiger Suzuki ATV's...Recall 2006/8410 29 Mar 2006 2005 year models. It could be apossible that the fuel tank may have a moulding defect where it is too thin. This could result in a rupture if the fuel tank is hit in this area. This could result in fuel leakag
29 Mar 2006
Suzuki Auto Co — Suzuki Jimny A6G415 MY2020...Recall 2021/18975 SSR23 27 May 2021 Suzuki Jimny A6G415 Model Year 2020 4 affected vehicles...Sheet1...VIN JSAGJB74V00147280 JSAGJB74V00147339 JSAGJB74V00147449 JSAGJB74V00147458 See attached VIN list The bond primer applied to the windshield glass and the rear d
27 May 2021
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23 Dec 2015
Suzuki Australia—Suzuki Kizashi...Recall 2015/14513 13 Jan 2015 Suzuki Kizashi A6B424 Selected VIN produced from 29th November 2013 to 5th December 2014 Selected VIN produced from 29th November 2013 to 5th December 2014 The belt tensioner that drives the engine accessories has been manufactured incorre
13 Jan 2015