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23 Dec 2015
Toyota—Lexus CT200h...Recall 2016/15490 1 Jul 2016 Lexus CT200h Campaign number: ZWA10 See attached VIN table Campaign number: ZWA10 See attached VIN table The fuel suction plate located within the fuel tank may develop a crack which could expand over time. In this condition, fuel may eventually leak w
01 Jul 2016
Toyota—LEXUS CT200h...Recall 2016/15481 30 Jun 2016 LEXUS CT200h Campaign number: CGG50.  See attached VIN table. Campaign number: CGG50. See attached VIN table. Curtain shield air bag inflators located in the driver and passenger side roof rails are composed of two chambers welded together. Some infla
30 Jun 2016
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited — Lexus SC430...Recall 2013/13545 AGG48 12 Apr 2013 Passenger-side front airbag fitted to Lexus SC430 model vehicles Safety Recall: Lexus SC430 - Passenger Side Front Airbag. Affected VIN Range Vehicle Model Model Code VIN Range Production Period WMI VDS VIS L
12 Apr 2013
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia — Corolla ZZE122 & Avensis Verso ACM20...Recall 2013/13544 AGG48 12 Apr 2013 Passenger-side front airbag fitted to Toyota Corolla ZZE122 and Avensis Verso ACM20 model vehicles Safety Recall: Toyota Corolla (ZZE122) and Avensis Verso (ACM20), Passenger Side Front Airba
12 Apr 2013
Toyota—Toyota FJ Cruiser GSJ15 (Updated 22/04/2013)...Recall 2013/13519 27 Mar 2013 Toyota FJ cruiser GSJ15 front seat belt retractor Updated Information: The VIN range has been extended and the production dates have been clarified. Consumer letters to be issued on 26 April 2013. Campaign number: 3504D
27 Mar 2013
Toyota—Toyota Prius ZVW30...Recall 2013/13622 7 Jun 2013 Toyota Prius ZVW30 - Brake Booster Pump Assembly (Accumulator) From VIN - JTDKN36U# 01000031 - 01092008 05000003 - 05076028 Production period from October 2008 through to October 2009 (Please refer to VIN table attachment) From VIN - JTDKN36U# 01
07 Jun 2013
Toyota—Lexus RX400H Intelligent Power Module Replacement...Recall 2013/13732 6 Sep 2013 Lexus RX400h MHU38R Intelligent Power Module (IPM) replacement. The Intelligent Power Module controls the operation of the electric motor and generator. Campaign number: 3530H Production Period: June 2006 - Dec 2008
06 Sep 2013
Toyota—Lexus IS350 Variable Valve Timing Actuator...Recall 2013/13730 6 Sep 2013 Lexus IS350 GSE21R 2GR-FSE variable valve timing actuator Campaign number: 3528H VIN range: JTHBE262 # 05024769 - 05027877 Campaign number: 3528H VIN range: JTHBE262 # 05024769 - 05027877 The bolts used to secure the housi
06 Sep 2013
Toyota—Lexus SC430, UZZ40 - Passenger Front Airbag Inflator...Recall 2015/14795 30 Jun 2015 Passenger Front Airbag Inflator See attached VIN table See attached VIN table Takata airbag inflator: As it gets older, a combination of heat and humidity can cause the airbag inflator propellant to degrade. If
30 Jun 2015
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