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23 Dec 2015
Ducati—Motorcycle 2002 (Model 999 and 749S )...Recall 2004/6937 19 Apr 2004 (Campaign No. 603/03) N/A N/A The front brake hose may become restricted between the front fork lower yoke and the steering lock peg, which could endanger rider safety whilst the vehicle is cornering. N/A Contact your authorise
19 Apr 2004
Ducati Motorcycle...Recall 2004/7114 14 Jul 2004 Ducati Motorcycle 2003/04 model Ducati 999/S/R/R Fila and 749/S motorcycles. Campaign 627/04 Campaign 627/04 Inspection and/or replacement of the oil cooler to ensure that correct oil cooling unit has been fitted to the motorcycle. This inspection is ind
14 Jul 2004
Ducati—MHe 900 Motorcycles...Recall 2001/4937 18 Sep 2001 2001 model. Campaign No. 559/01. The gasket located between the fuel tank and fuel pump flange could leak. With a fuel leak and a source of ignition there is a risk of fire. Contact your Ducati Dealer. NF Importers Pty Limited Nationally...Departme
18 Sep 2001
Ducati—Monster 900 ie, S4, SS900 and SS750 Motorcycles...Recall 2001/4935 17 Sep 2001 2001 model. Campaign No. 554/01. The fuel lines located between the fuel tank and the pressure regulator could degrade and endanger rider safety. Fire Contact your Ducati Dealer. NF Importers Pty Limited Nationally...Dep
17 Sep 2001
Ducati—Performance Brand Optional Handlebar Mounting Bracket Kit...Recall 2001/4716 11 Apr 2001 Can be fitted to all Ducati 748, 916 and 996 Model Motorcycles. Campaign No. 11/00. Not applicable The mounting brackets could fracture or break, which could result in a loss of steering and control of the m
11 Apr 2001
Ducati—2004 Model Multistrada 1000 Motorcycles...Recall 2005/7507 27 Jan 2005 Campaign No. 636/05 Not applicable Need to replace oil cooler delivery hoses as, if the oil cooler hoses were to fracture they could leak oil that may affect the rear tyre and endanger rider saftey. Loss of control of motorcy
27 Jan 2005
Ducati—Superlight & Supersport Motorycycles...Recall 1999/3993 25 Jun 1999 Recall Reference 497/98. 1992 Through 1996 Model 900 Superlight & 1997 Model Supersport Ducati Motorcycles. The Forward Linkage Rod Front Mount Bolt Is Of An Insufficient Length And May Become Insecure. Component Failure. Contac
25 Jun 1999
Ducati—ST2 Motorcycles...Recall 1999/3953 19 May 1999 1997 And 1998 Model. Recall Reference No. 502/99 Due To The Materials Used In Manufacturing The Front Chain Drive Sprocket Locking Plate, It Can Possibly Wear Causing The Locking Function Of The Plate To Fail And No Longer Lock The Drive Sprocket In
19 May 1999
Ducati—600, 750 and 900 Monster motorcycles...Recall 1999/3882 30 Mar 1999 1997 And 1998 Models. Reference 496/98. Potential Failure Of The Handlebars. The Original Handlebars Will Be Replaced By An Improved Re-design Handlebar. Component Failure N F Importers Pty Limited Nationally...Department of Infras
30 Mar 1999
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