HB Commerce Pty Ltd — 2-in-1 Baby Stroller / Pram Aluminium Red and Black...Recall 2019/17507 29 May 2019 2-in-1 baby stroller and a pram in one with an aluminium frame. Aluminium red and black Stroller has a reversible seat and can be transformed into a pram and has a folding canopy. Suitable for chil
29 May 2019 seller Costway — Costway 6-in-1 Baby Toddler Stroller Tricycle...Recall 2019/17952 23 Dec 2019 Costway 6-in-1 Baby Toddler Stroller Tricycle These products have some of the features of a stroller, but are unsafe for use as a stroller as they do not have a parking brake, tether strap, or re
23 Dec 2019
Tobil & Co Pty Ltd — iCandy Peach 2018 Pram...Recall 2020/18100 14 Jan 2020 iCandy Peach 2018 Pram - Belgua, Indigo, Dove Grey, Twilight and Cerium The pram bumper bar may be missing a plastic cap in the hinge, exposing a small hole when the bumper is hinged back. If the cap is missing and the bumper b
14 Jan 2020
OZO E-Store Pty Ltd — Baby Stroller...Recall 2018/16690 5 Apr 2018 The stroller is not compliant with the mandatory standard 'Trade Practices Act 1974 - Consumer Protection Notice No. 8 of 2007 - Consumer Product Safety Standard: Prams and Strollers'. The tether strap is not supplied and the brake is n
05 Apr 2018
ELIFE PTY LTD — Trike Stroller Prams...Recall 2018/16525 31 Jan 2018 This baby pram/stroller/pushchair is an adjustable pram for baby to sit or lie. The product is not supplied with a mandatory tether strap and does not meet mandatory warning labels requirements of the mandatory standard 'Trade Practic
31 Jan 2018
Medifab Ltd — Shuttle Discovery with 4 Wheel Verve Stroller...Recall 2019/17828 22 Sep 2019 Shuttle Discovery with 4 Wheel Verve Stroller Product Code: 2006-0040-000 ARTG 160110 (RT & EJ Mascull T/a Medifab - Disability vehicle, push-chair) Product Code: 2006-0040-000 A gap may develop at the folding j
22 Sep 2019
Little Darlin — Pram Garland...Recall 2018/17021 8 Nov 2018 Decorative garland that is attached to a pram/stroller to provide the child with something to grab onto or play with. Seven garlands sold. Garland is not compliant with the mandatory standard 'Consumer Protection Notice No. 14 of 2003 — Consum
08 Nov 2018
Modern Brands Pty Ltd — Eurotrike Ultima Plus Tricycle...Recall 2018/17195 12 Dec 2018 Eurotrike Ultima Plus Tricycle Deluxe tricycle with parent control steering system and canopy XG65 and XG66 The product in its 12 month age mode has key features of a stroller, but does not have the safety features r
12 Dec 2018
Mamas & Papas — Armadillo Flip and Armadillo Flip XT strollers...Recall 2016/15633 13 Sep 2016 Armadillo Flip and Flip XT strollers are used for children from birth to approximately 4 years of age. Model numbers: Flip (225426100) and Flip XT (225920700). Under certain conditions, when in the parent fac
13 Sep 2016
Baby Bunting Pty Ltd — Fisher Price Royal Trike...Recall 2018/16877 14 Sep 2018 Fisher Price Royal Trike The product has features of a stroller, but is unsafe for use as a stroller as it does not come with a tether strap. When used as a stroller to transport children, the product may cause injury to a
14 Sep 2018