Household cots...Page Babies can suffer serious injuries when trying to climb out of cots. Make sure you buy a cot that meets the mandatory safety standard....About cots...Household cots are fixed sleeping enclosures for infants and babies. Cots can be rectangular with sides and ends made of slats or filler
30 Jul 2016
Folding cots...Page Children can fall when trying to climb out of folding cots, or become trapped if a cot accidentally collapses. Make sure you buy a cot that meets the mandatory safety standard....About folding cots...Folding cots are designed for for temporary use. They are also known as portable cots, tr
02 Feb 2021
Safe sleeping for infants...News 11 Mar 2010 Fair Trading Minister Peter Lawlor has urged all new parents to be aware of safe sleeping advice when deciding on their baby’s sleeping arrangements. His comments follows the New South Wales government’s announcement that it has ordered a review into the saf
11 Mar 2010
Folding cots...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the design and construction, performance and safety labelling for folding cots. This mandatory standard applies to children's portable folding cots that are: portable used for sleeping and are folded when not in use items referr
02 Feb 2021
Children's portable folding cots - Supplier guide...Publication 2 Oct 2009 Children’s portable folding cots Supplier guide Product safety Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 23 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, 2601 First published by the ACCC 2009 © Commonwealth
02 Oct 2009
Cots & cords don't mix: Keep cots away from blind, curtain and electrical cords...News 3 Sep 2014 Loose or looped cords near cots can accidentally strangle and kill small children. Babies have died from being strangled in blind, curtain and electrical cords they accessed in their cots. There are simple
03 Sep 2014
ACCC warns of dangers of loose blind and curtain cords...News 23 Jun 2016 Tragically, between one and two children die in Australian homes every year as a result of non-compliant corded blinds and curtains. Similar deaths occur regularly across the world and the ACCC is joining international regulators
23 Jun 2016
Think Safety First - Portable Cots...Publication 12 Apr 2016 PORTABLECOTS Office of Fair Trading ¶T H I N K ¶ S A F E T Y F I R S T For more information on product safety visit A portable cot is great for sleepovers and travelling, but should not be
12 Apr 2016
Cots - Safety alert...Publication 1 Jan 2007 SAFETY ALERT Remember Do not use U or V shaped pillows for children under two years old. It is safer not to use a pillow at all for children under two. Do not allow small objects that could cause your child to choke to be placed in the cot, or anywhere acces
01 Jan 2007
Price Down Gallery Pty Ltd — Bubs Gallery Travel Cot...Recall 2019/17568 24 Jul 2019 Folding Travel Cot Blue and Pink Model S12-7 The product does not comply with the mandatory standard 'Trade Practices Act 1974 -Consumer Protection Notice No.4 of 2008 - Consumer Product Safety Standard for Children's
24 Jul 2019
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