Blinds, curtains and window fittings...Standard This mandatory standard applies to internal blinds, curtains and some window fittings (corded internal window coverings) supplied after 30 December 2010....About curtains, blinds and window fittings...Corded internal window coverings are window coverings that c
01 Feb 2017
Blinds & curtains...Page Blinds and curtains with long, unsecured cords are a strangulation hazard for children. Make sure you buy blinds and curtains with safe design features and that all long cords are secured....About blinds and curtains...Blinds, curtains and other window coverings are often operated us
10 Apr 2018
Consultation paper: Proposed services standard for Corded Internal Window Coverings...News 2 Sep 2013 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is considering introduction of a mandatory standard for installing corded internal window coverings in domestic dwellings.  Following an earlier consu
02 Sep 2013
Think Safety First - Blinds and Curtain Cords...Publication 12 Apr 2016 BLINDAND CURTAINCORDS Office of Fair Trading ¶T H I N K ¶ S A F E T Y F I R S T For more information on product safety visit Low hanging blind and curtain cords can be a strangu
12 Apr 2016
Cots & cords don't mix: Keep cots away from blind, curtain and electrical cords...News 3 Sep 2014 Loose or looped cords near cots can accidentally strangle and kill small children. Babies have died from being strangled in blind, curtain and electrical cords they accessed in their cots. There are simple
03 Sep 2014
Staying safe with blind and curtain cords...News 3 Sep 2014 Loose or looped cords can be extremely dangerous. Parents and carers are urged to take the necessary steps to ensure blinds and curtains in your home don't pose a threat to your children....Installing or fixing blinds and curtains at home...When ins
03 Sep 2014
ACCC warns of dangers of loose blind and curtain cords...News 23 Jun 2016 Tragically, between one and two children die in Australian homes every year as a result of non-compliant corded blinds and curtains. Similar deaths occur regularly across the world and the ACCC is joining international regulators
23 Jun 2016
Window covering cords can kill poster...Publication 15 Jun 2017 Window covering cords can kill. Prevent child strangulation by using cordless or inaccessible cord window coverings in homes with young children....More information...Blinds & curtains Blinds & curtains
15 Jun 2017
Blind and curtain cords...Publication 13 Jul 2012 S A F E T Y A LE R T Loose blind and curtain cords can kill Fix them out of reach so kids are out of danger Blind and curtain cords Blind and curtain cord hazards Loose blind and curtain cords/chains—particularly those with loops—are dangerous. Children
13 Jul 2012
Corded internal window coverings - Installation guide...Publication 19 Nov 2014 Installation Guide November 2014 Blind and curtain cords/ chains are a significant risk to children, as unsecured cords can lead to strangulation. The Competition and Consumer (Corded Internal Window Coverin
19 Nov 2014
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