Spa & pool skimmer boxes, covers, filters & outlets...Page People are at risk of serious injury or death when using pools with unsafe skimmer boxes, covers, filters and outlets.  Always make sure that these products comply with national regulation....About skimmer boxes, covers, filters and outlets...Nationa
12 Apr 2018
Pools and spas with unsafe design features...Ban Portable pools and spas with unsafe 'potty-style' skimmer boxes cannot be supplied in Australia due to the risks of entrapment and drowning....About the ban...This ban is intended to prevent the supply of pools and spas (including transportable pools and spas)
23 Feb 2017
Swimming pool skimmer boxes...Publication 3 Jun 2011 D ep ar tm en t o f C om m er ce Swimming pool skimmer boxes Unsafe skimmer box Safe skimmer box Product safety alert Removable cover Unprotected intake area Government of Western Australia Department of Commerce Consumer Protection To a child, an un
03 Jun 2011
Portable swimming pools: Supplier guide...Publication 6 Feb 2014 Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), mandatory consumer product safety standards are introduced when considered reasonably necessary to prevent or reduce the risk of injury to a person. This guide provides a summary of the requirement
06 Feb 2014
Safety warning notice on M Spa Inflatable Spas with 240V control box...News 28 Jan 2015 The Minister for Small Business, the Honourable Bruce Billson, has published a Safety Warning Notice about M Spa Inflatable Spas. There is a risk of electrocution to consumers due to a failure of insulation between
28 Jan 2015
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