Uniwide Australia Import Export Pty Ltd — Deluxe First Aid Kit...Recall 2016/15781 8 Dec 2016 Model Number: PE0056 Previous ARTG Number: 244567 The first aid instructions supplied are poorly written and cannot be relied upon in an emergency. Some of the information is unsuitable and not in line with Au
08 Dec 2016
ResMed Limited — Astral 100 and Astral 150 ventilators...Recall 2016/15608 24 Aug 2016 Astral 100 and Astral 150 ventilators provide support to patients with respiratory difficulties resulting from health conditions of varying severity. They can be used in both health facilities and home settings. Thes
24 Aug 2016
St John Ambulance Australia — Tiny Tots First Aid Kit...Recall 2019/17301 24 Jan 2019 Small first aid kit with first aid supplies to assist a consumer treat a minor first aid incident. The kit includes a thermometer which is the subject of the recall. The battery compartment may not be adequately secur
24 Jan 2019
Zee Medical—Trafalgar Vehicle First Aid Kit & Home Emergency Kit...Recall 2001/4725 3 May 2001 First Aiders Choice Wound Dressing No 14 - Batch 20000819 & 20000518; Eye Patch - Batch 20000518; Gauze Swabs - Batch 20000518 Sterility of some batches of dressings contained in these kits cannot be assured.
03 May 2001
Woolworths Ltd—Woolworths Homebrand Cotton Tips (200 Pack)...Recall 2013/13707 21 Aug 2013 Homebrand Cotton Tips 200 pack (Reference #18413) Reference #18413 Reference #18413 Woolworths is recalling this product due to a potential safety hazard, as the cotton can readily detach and become lodged deep w
21 Aug 2013
Peter Alexander—Mini Hot Water Bottle...Recall 2013/13543 12 Apr 2013 PVC hot water bottle sold with an accompanying cotton cover Style number: 828936 Style number: 828936 There may be a small hole in the seam close to the neck of the water bottle. The hot water bottle does not comply with the Trade Pr
12 Apr 2013
McGloins Pty Ltd—600mL & 800mL Hot Water Bottle with Knitted Cover...Recall 2013/13604 3 Jun 2013 600mL hot water bottle, cream in colour with a matching knitted cover and blue snowflake pattern 800ml hot water bottle, red in colour with a plush pink Ruby The Rabbit cover 600mL hot water bottle: Ref. n
03 Jun 2013
Eli Lilly Australia Pty Ltd—Gemzar branded hot/cold packs...Recall 2006/8681 8 Aug 2006 The hot/cold pack has an outer textile layer which encases a plastic bladder that holds a gel-like filling inside the pack and is covered with calico material on the outside of the pack. A small number of the hot/co
08 Aug 2006
Homedics Australia Pty Ltd—Massaging Hot Water Bottle...Recall 2007/9078 26 Feb 2007 The product is a hot water bottle made of rubber which when filled can provide massaging powered by 2AA size batteries. The product comes with a removable Terry cover. Model WTR-BOT-AU. Model WTR-BOT-AU. The product do
26 Feb 2007
Get Fresh Cosmetics Pty Ltd—Plush Knitted Hot Water Bottles - Pink and Grey...Recall 2011/12698 28 Jun 2011 Plush knitted hot water bottles - pink and grey Product Codes: 1. S-HWB008 (Grey) 2. S-HWB010 (Pink) Batch No: 11 Product Codes: 1. S-HWB008 (Grey) 2. S-HWB010 (Pink) Batch No: 11 The hot water b
28 Jun 2011